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St. Pat's Day


Niall Corey
• 6 January 2006

It was with great excitement that the committee organising this year's St Pat's parade announced that for the first time ever they were to receive funding from Belfast City Council to the tune of £100,000, BUT, only if they didn't celebrate it as a true St Patrick's Day Parade!!!!!!

This censorship of culture was to be achieved by rainbow coloured shamrocks, no Irish flags (which most likely will include the wearing of clothing that claims the occupant to be Irish) and the most hideous and gut wrenching blasphemy of alcohol!!!!!! And why was this censorship imposed? So as the celebration of St Patrick can be broadened to encompass our Unionist neighbours and welcome them in to the bosom of our culture even though these same sectarian bigots, one by one, on that committee voted against the funding which reflected their usual sectarian stance on all things Irish. Much more important and utterly astonishing, this censorship was imposed by those who voted for it..SF, SDLP and the Alliance parties...

Our political fathers seem to have either completely lost the plot or they, in their enthusiasm to be embraced by the whole British political spectrum, have totally mis-interpreted the nationalist feelings of their electorate. How can anyone in a state of mind that is perceived as normal seriously believe that nationalists here would welcome a parade to celebrate their patron saint that involves censorship and restrictions?

Will this censorship be applied to the funding of bonfires on the 11th July which annually burn effigies of Catholics, include jingoistic flag waving, the consumption of huge amounts of alcohol, the chanting of sectarian slogans and last but not least the attacking of Catholic people and their homes? Will the following day's parades have imposed upon them the censorship of no Union flags or bunting and no clothing that would imply that they are British (union jack boxer shorts or something like that)?

Nowhere else on this globe will this censorship be imposed, nowhere. Not even in the White House, where on St Pat's Day this year all the political representatives of the above parties, including those who voted against it, will gather and celebrate St Patrick with the Tricolour flying, green shamrocks on display and openly consuming glasses of alcohol!!!!!!!!!!!

This obsession with Nationalist/Republican politicians of trying to get Nationalists and Unionists to participate in each other's culture has got to stop. The Unionist culture is one of sectarianism and hatred to all things Irish and therefore wholly unacceptable to the Nationalist people and the Nationalist culture is seen by the Unionists as an anathema to all things Unionist.

Conor Maskey and the rest of the St Pat's committee should hang their heads in shame and take a step back and re-evaluate their position. Who do they think they are fooling? If censorship is a means to an end, then they should have the common sense to refuse it and publicly denounce those on that committee for what they really are. Is the parade of such importance that we should sell out our culture?

I call on the Nationalist people of Belfast to go to this event but wear green shamrocks and clothing that identifies you as being Irish and have a drink at it if you feel like it and when one of these appointed stewards attempts to censor you let him know under no uncertain terms who the real Lundys are.



















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