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When is Enough, Enough?


Mick Hall
• 5 January 2006

This is not a subject I'm returning to with any pleasure, but needs must and although I have said this before, I hope readers will indulge me as it cannot be said enough times. The responsibility for any touting which has gone on within the Provisional Republican Movement lays with the British government.

No matter how inept the SF leadership has been in dealing with the infiltration of their organization by British run touts, who pays the piper calls the tune. If Ireland had not been partitioned in 1922 and the subsequent northern state-let had not become such a cold house for Catholics and nationalists, then all that has followed would never have occurred.

One expects the British government, Pontius Pilate like, to wash away any public responsibility for the mayhem, confusion and suffering their touts and agents of influence have caused, let alone the shame the aforementioned touts have brought to the doors of their own families.

But one had hoped for better from the SF leadership. They have truly behaved in the most disgraceful manner. Their negation of duty has been such that anyone who has ever been a member of the PRM, could now be named as an informer by the British Security Forces and they would have no one to speak up with authority to deny that they were British touts. Once the Adams leadership knowingly lied about Freddie Scappaticci not being a a tout, their word on this matter became worthless; not only with their media contacts, but also with a sizable section of the north's nationalist and republican population.

It looks very much like ten to 15 years ago, the PRM in Belfast became aware they had a major problem with informers at a senior level of the organization. A number of highly prominent Belfast Republicans were secretly stood down from front line positions. Whether any of these individuals were also offered an amnesty if they admitted their guilt we do not know, but it seems unlikely as the consequence would be almost unthinkable for all who have supported the Provisional Republican Movement down the years.

Thus what happened was a swathe of once prominent republicans, whilst remaining active on the periphery of the movement were no longer at the centre as members of Adams 'kitchen cabinet'. This did not mean they were all informers, simply there were suspicions against one or more of them due to the roles they had played up until then within the PRM.

By and large these are the people whose names have been placed in the public arena as touts in the last week or so following the outing of Denis Donaldson. All of them have either been named as touts in the past or innuendoes about them have swept republican areas of Belfast at some time or other. Although, it needs to be said, in the main no solid information against them has been brought before the public eye.

It appears the only advice they have been given by the leadership of SF is to see a solicitor, which given the situation they find themselves in is worse than useless, designed as a stalling exercise in the forlorn hope that this problem will simply go away. It may do so, temporarily at least as far as the SF leadership is concerned, as other events move the media's agenda elsewhere. But for the individuals at the centre of this storm and their families, having been branded as informers will be akin to having had the mark of Cain placed upon them.

It has become increasingly clear Sinn Fein's leadership is unwilling or unable due to lack of resources to bring the extent of the British Security Services infiltration of their own organization into the light of day; and this is in spite of Mr Adams' number two Martin McGuinness having been recently named on the reputable Slugger O'Toole web site as an alleged informer.

However, before any one gets too smug, if the Loyalist and Republican organizations have been thoroughly infiltrated by British spooks, touts and agents of influence, it does not take a flight of imagination to conclude it is more than likely other Irish institutions and organizations, north and south have also been targeted by the same security personnel.

Might the Garda Siochana, PSNI, Stormont Assembly, House of the Oireachtas, Irish Army, political parties on both sides of the border, trade unions and business associations, even sporting bodies, etc also have been targets? One just does not know for sure, but what we do know is the war in the north has given the British Security Services both the justification and opportunity to strike at the heart of Irish life both north and south of the border.

Before one thinks this suggestion is a flight of fancy, it is worth remembering the first President of the Irish Free State, who was once Charles Stewart Parnell's right hand man, was almost certainly a British agent of influence and to this day the British refuse to release the public records they hold on this man.

This has gone way beyond being a matter for smugness and guffaws at Gerry Adams and his party's sad predicament. One has seen how the Secret State was used by the UK Government to bounce that Nation's people into an illegal and hopeless war with Iraq, which in itself makes a nonsense of Mr Adams' claim that Tony Blair is not in control of his Security Services.

It seems in the north the British Security Services may have been used to collapse a democratically elected political institution.* Is it not time an Independent International Tribunal was established, divorced from governmental control and made up of good men/woman and true from around the world, it's mandate to investigate the extent of British Security Service infiltration across the whole of public life on the island of Ireland.

If we once again wait for the current storm to blow out, we will find ourselves in years to come returning to this subject time and again, whilst during the intervening years the British spooks will corrupt and ruin Ireland's democratic institutions by moulding them to the UK's political elite's will. Ireland will thus increasingly resemble a Banana Republic of the type that exists in Central America, in which a powerful neighbor feels it is their right to infiltrate their security services into its body politic and civil society.

Is it not time for all the peoples of the isle of Ireland to say, Enough! We demand the truth!





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