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Our Fenian Dead


Brendan Hughes
• 29 January 2006

The fools, the fools, the fools, they have left us our Fenian dead. The words were uttered almost a century ago. But today they are still relevant when we watch the behaviour of the hypocrital priests within the Catholic Church. Is it any wonder that you are experiencing the smallest attendance at your chapels? You people hide pervert priests in your midst and then bury them with the blessing of the church. Yet you refuse to allow the body of a dead republican inside your church. You embrace perverts but reject upright republicans. Shame.

My uncle Billy died recently. He was a life long republican, a life long mass goer and a lifelong decent human being. On his final journey he was shunted from pillar to post because his coffin was covered in the flag of his country. Some priest had exercised the one bit of petty authority left to him and banned the body from entering the chapel. Eventually a Christian priest (not many of them about) was found in Turf Lodge who agreed without hesitation to give my uncle the funeral befitting a man of his beliefs. Father Matt Wallace - who visited republicans in their sewer of Calcutta, as Cardinal Tomas O'Fiaich once described the H-Blocks, and who shared his Gallagher's Blues cigarettes with the prisoners gasping for a smoke. Father Matt was the one priest who could be found that was prepared to allow my uncle to enter the chapel.

Uncle Billy was a believer. He was not some imagined communist revolutionary intent on imposing atheism on the people he lived amongst. He believed in Jesus Christ and Irish republicanism. Not the type of beliefs likely to outlaw Catholicism.

If there is a heaven Billy is in it. The priests can have hell all to themselves. There will hardly be too many tricolour cover coffins going in that direction for them to turn away. The priests need a god to forgive them. Few others will.

































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Brendan Hughes
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30 January 2006

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