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Green Paper on Irish Unity
Reality or Red Herring?

32 CSM Press Release (Andy Martin) • 22 March 2005

Mr Francis Mackey National Chairman of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement has said, “the issue of Irish unity is the preserve of the Irish people through being granted their right to national self-determination free from outside interference.

It is not realisable within the confines of the Good Friday Agreement, which not only contains the Unionist veto on the consent clause but also is sectarian in nature within the partitioned occupied Six Counties.

Statements from the SDLP, Provisional Sinn Fein and the Dublin Government demonstrate the deepening divisions all three are having on the issue of Irish unity.

The SDLP state that under the GFA Irish unity can be achieved and then step outside the agreement to talk of electing TD’s to the Dail, which is not included in the agreement they signed.

The Dublin Government are sending completely confusing messages by attending the launch of the SDLP’s document and then scuppering it by stating that the issue of a green paper on this issue is a red herring and that only the GFA can deliver. That is of course because they are confined to the parameters of the GFA like the SDLP and Sinn Fein.

Likewise provisional Sinn Fein can only pay lip service to this issue having agreed that the British Government can remain here for as long as the unionist people are in a majority. They are now trying to be deceptive on this issue by calling on the Dublin Government to produce such a paper knowing full well that like themselves they can now only operate within the confines of what they agreed which is preventing Irish unity”.

Continuing Mr Mackey said, “Irish unity is not the preserve of any individual or political party. The issues that are preventing Irish unity need to be debated among all the interested bodies on this island and in so doing the issue of sovereignty must be addressed that debate.

The 32 County Sovereignty will be in contact with all the parties on this island with thought provoking discussion papers on the issues of Irish Democracy being a framework for Unity.

We are presently engaging our base with this debate based on the fact that the Irish people are a sovereign people and that the island of Ireland is the sovereign territory of the Irish people.

We seek a sovereign Irish democracy for the Irish people and to begin the creation of an inclusive Irish democracy for all the people of Ireland”.




























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22 March 2005

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