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UVF Threats Further Proof of Political Policing



Press Release: 32 County Sovereignty Movement • 19 April 2007

The National Executive of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement has called on Sinn Fein to clarify how it has separated civil and political policing in the light of the recent revelations surrounding UVF death threats to over 100 republicans across the north. 32CSM chairperson Mr Francis Mackey was one of those republicans who was warned that his details were in the hands of Loyalist paramilitaries. Police visited his home on Friday 13th April and warned him that his details had been found during searches on 11th April. When Mr Mackey asked for more detail none was forthcoming however another senior PSNI/RUC officer called within half an hour of the first warning and repeated the warning. Again the officer would not answer any questions but as an aside stated that a man had been charged for having information likely to be of use to terrorists in the Ballymena area.

Mr Mackey has received several similar warnings in the past both as a member of the 32CSM and as an elected representative for Sinn Fein. In the last week it has transpired that another UVF suspect working for the police had passed information on republicans to the man charged in the Ballymena operation, this man has also alluded to the fact that he received information from a member of the British Army. While we in the 32CSM are aware that those organisations who exist to protect Britain's illegal claim to sovereignty in Ireland will always collude with each other at some level, questions need to be asked regarding the new 'non political ' role of the PSNI.

Three weeks before Mr Mackey was warned by police he was stopped by a mobile patrol in Strabane and was taken from his car, interrogated and had his car searched. When he asked why he was told that his name was on a computer that instructed the PSNI to search him. A fortnight later Mr Mackey was again stopped in Derry on Easter Monday and again the PSNI went through the same motions and gave the same answers adding that he was being detained under the prevention of terrorism act.

The 32CSM ask the question is this the same computer that the UVF suspect working for the PSNI's crime management had access to? If so why were Mr Mackey's details on it in the first place? The 32CSM are an entirely legal political organisation, Mr Mackey is not a member of any illegal organisation and is not wanted for any crime, why then should his details be on any 'civil policing' database for Loyalists to peruse?

It is our contention that this whole sordid episode is further proof of the political policing role of the PSNI. It is abundantly clear that there is no distinction between civil policing and the machinations of the politically motivated British security services in Ireland. Mr Mackey's and all those other republicans whose details have been accessed have had their civil liberties and their human rights violated by the same forces that purport to defend them, these are the issues Sinn Fein and all other who have called for support for the PSNI should have addressed before accepting British policing in Ireland.







































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24 April 2007

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