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What was it all for?

Antaine Uas O'Labhradha • 11 April 2007

I am an Irish republican and have been all of my life. I have never supported the IRA (either official or provisional) since I believe in the republican principles of equality of Catholic, Protestant and Dissenter. I can see whence the IRA emanated, as a response to unionist terrorism,pogroms and discrimination, aided and abetted by the British government, but their campaign was poorly directed and should not have been aimed at northern Protestants.

What I cannot understand is why Sinn Fein sees the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement as the road to a united Ireland. It most certainly is not. Even though consent clearly means the consent of a majority in the north, it will be made to mean unionist consent, which effectively rules out a united Ireland for many generations to come, until the majority in favour of Irish unity becomes totally unassailable. In the meantime, the GFA leaves Irish people of the nationalist/republican tradition under British rule, denied our right to freedom from British rule, and living under an agreement which is clearly operated through a unionist prism. The GFA serves to reinforce the second-class status of northern nationalists, since it requires us to accept the partition of Ireland (until it can be voted down), leaves our freedom unattained, and leaves unexplored MANY avenues which might have given us freedom in advance of reunification, but which were never addressed. The piddling nature of the North-South bodies will never lead to Irish unity, and do nothing to close the gap between Irish people in the south and those in the north. The entire country remains riven and the GFA will not help the edges of the wounds of partition to grow into one another. Southerners have no desire it seems to move toward unity, and certainly have no qualms about leaving their family in the north to languish under continued foreign oppression. Unionists seem to have won out under the GFA in a way which cannot equally be applied to nationalists, and the British are trying to back track on their commitments under the GFA, for example the Irish Language Act. It seems to me that we are no further advanced than we were in 1974, which is very depressing, considering the awful violence it took to bring the current situation about,a situation which is less advanced than the Sunningdale provisions were. Why is it that republicans are now being told to support the British police force here, to support the British law courts here, in short to agree to British rule here? What warped view of 'advancement' could ever propose such an insult to Irish people as accepting our oppressors and their oppression of our people? What lunacy drives such a viewpoint?














































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24 April 2007

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