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Anti-Racism Network Urges Website Not to Publish Racist-Cartoons



Anti Racism Network Press Release • 12 March 2006

The ARN today urged Anthony McIntyre, editor of the website "The Blanket", not to republish the racist-cartoons that were initially printed in Danish newspapers and have led to protests involving hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

ARN spokesperson Barbara Muldoon said "Context is everything. These images reinforce the racist notion that a terrorist is someone who looks like a Muslim. Would The Blanket have supported the republishing of the anti-Irish cartoons that were printed in The Daily Express during the 1970's? They were aimed at demonising Catholics and Protestants and absolving Britain of any responsibility for the troubles."

"In the same way these cartoons claim that the biggest danger in the world is censorship by Muslims. They ignore the humiliation that is being visited on countries with large Muslim populations like Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine. This simply justifies war and occupation of those countries by Western powers and leads to an increase in Islamophobia in the West."

"The Blanket has every right," Ms Muldoon added, "to question ideas and prompt discussion. But it is no accident that the BNP and other fascist groups have used the cartoons to stir up anti-Muslim racism. The level of physical attacks on Muslims has increased rapidly over the last three years. It is a matter of urgency that The Blanket should review it's decision."






































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12 March 2006

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