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The Donaldson Dilemna

The Silver Coins will jingle no more!

Bill Ashe • 2nd-5th April 2006

2nd April, 2006: Asked how he felt about the public dismissal of him by his former friend Gerry Adams, Donaldson shrugged and said: "I don't want to be in touch with anyone. As you can see, I'm in the middle of nowhere."

This is one instance that has left me in an inscrutable daze. How does someone like this slip through the grip of justice?? How ever he lives now is still a reward for such a deed. The only thing that would have a sprinkle of honour would be for him to bring justice to himself. Just what damage was done we will never know. How Sinn Féin never looked into it, but seemingly washed it aside leaves one to think, was this a cover-up of a greater misdeed? Am I guilty of silly speculation or is this a fact that maybe this is a conspired shadow that reflects a far more reaching darker cast, lingering in fear of being un-covered. He came out to California to direct us in the struggle of the cause. Now we find out he was a curse to that same cause. He states he doesn't want to be in touch with anyone. Well if only he felt that way when the Brits approached him. How much he put the touch on the Brits to fill his pockets we may never know. One would hope Gerry Adams would have the answers to our speculations, but it seems Gerry doesn't even have questions, never mind answers to it all.

4th April, 2006: Former senior Sinn Fein member Denis Donaldson has been found shot dead in the Irish Republic.

I look deep into my heart to see if there was some slight bit of forgiveness to be found anywhere? Well, I couldn't even find scraps of pity. Is there someone who can say this man had the right to live? This man who shortened many a life, of his own kind. The blood of the Gibraltar Three in on his hands. Where the list goes from there we may never know. He knew the movement and when he was uncovered, he also knew the outcome. If he didn't take his own life he made it possible that justice was done. He knew he was a marked man as soon as he was found. Speculation will run amok in the circle of finger pointing. The DUP will run this into the ground. Gerry Adams will come out against it, and the press will have a field day. You could write their headlines, knowing their past history. If the DUP uses this to put the spike into the heart of the GFA, then maybe Donaldson's death will have some redeeming qualities. I am not saying back to WAR, but I am saying back into a British led government is not any form of FREEDOM or PEACE.

5th April, 2006: Execution or Murder

First one has to understand that Dennis Donaldson was not shot for anything he did lately, but for decades of collaboration as a British agent. Collaboration means cooperating traitorously with the enemy. It was a time of war, lives were at stake and Donaldson was well aware of the consequence he would pay, if uncovered. There is no question as to his guilt. So just when does an execution become a murder? Does time determine what label should be used? Or is it political backflipping to take away attention to anyone using this as a tool to push you away from an agenda? Just who can come out the strongest to condemn the actions taken against Donaldson, will show us who is trying to please who. It seems it is more about saving the peace process than the act itself. To say whoever is behind this is against the GFA. First some would question if the GFA is a peace process or just a roll over to John Bull? Jumping through a British hoop does not bring about a just peace or repair a fractured country. Throw in the factor that the Unionists are demanding that the hoop be set on fire, to make it that much harder. To tie in what happened to Donaldson to the peace process would be saying marriage is the main cause of divorce. In some way it may seem a true statement, but just who would give it any consideration?

Remember Donaldson was not sending information to the Brits on West Belfast, but in fact was worldwide. I remember when he was out here, in California, directing us on his agenda for the cause. To learn he was a curse to the cause will always linger with me even that justice was given to him in this life. As for the fires of the hereafter, he may well have to look up to see Thatcher!

Donaldson's Dilemma

Tonight I cry, but sadly not alone,
as tears will fall from the likes of
Pearse, Emmet,Sands and Tone
I have seen in the back of Caitlin Ni Houlihan,
A blade pushed deep, by Irish hands
Oh! how hard for me to understand.
What of the faithful who died for dear old
Caitlin Ni Houlihan?
Should we now fall lovingly around our
enemy's neck
Never again to have respect
Walk away, Oh traitors
til the sound of silver coins
we hear no more.
Go before your Lords
and, as traitors, take your bow
For the name Iscariot be branded
on you now.
And when they lay your body in the clay
Even the worms will crawl away!!!!!!!





















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11 April 2006

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