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Commemoration Report

Sean Oglaigh na hEireann/Friends Of Irish Freedom Annual Easter Mass & Commemoration New York 8th April 2007

Cathleen O'Brien • 13 April 2007

On Easter Sunday the largest Easter Commemoration in the United States was held at Kelly Ryan's Restaurant in the Bronx. The Mass was celebrated by Msgr. Patrick Moloney, a native of Limerick and former Republican Prisoner. During the Mass, Msgr. Moloney expressed his concerns and displeasure with the Good Friday Agreement and the path the Provos have chosen. Fr. Pat did not mince words! Some 200 people attended the Mass & Commemoration. On the dais were: Martin Lyons- Galway native and former Noraid Executive, John Murphy- Tipperary native and Pres. of Tipperary Association, Mary Nolan- Limerick native and Pres. of Commodore John Barry Club of Brooklyn, Mario Biaggi- former U.S. Congressman, Charles McLoughlin- National Co-Chairman of Friends Of Irish Freedom, Tony Creaney- Antrim native and Antrim Society, Bob Loughman- of Cumann na Saoirse, Tom Beirne- Leitrim Society, Mary Holt Moore- Bronx Gaelic League, Michael Fogarty- Tipperary native and Pres. of United Irish Counties, Malachy McAllister- Belfast native and deportee candidate, Msgr. Pat Moloney, Michael McDermott- Grandnephew of Sean MacDiarmada, and Bridie McBrearty- from Derry representing Ex-POWs Against PSNI/RUC & MI5.

Martin Lyons, a longtime Republican Activist in New York, was Master of Ceremonies. The Guests of Honour were Michael & James McDermott. Their grandfather, Seamus MacDiarmada, was Sean MacDiarmada's brother. Michael read the Proclamation in English and Maurice Brick, native of Kerry, read the Proclamation in Irish. Bridie McBrearty flew over from Derry to be the Guest Speaker this year. Her granddaughter Fiona Ramsey accompanied her. Bridie is the mother of Vol.George McBrearty who was killed in the Bogside by the SAS on 28th May 1981. Her son Danny served time in multiple jails over the last 30 years. Presently, Danny has been rallying former POWs to oppose joining the PSNI and other issues on the Prov. Sinn Fein platform. Danny also worked on Peggy O'Hara's recent election campaign in Derry. The McBreartys are a very well-know and well respected Derry family.

Eileen Griffin Pastor read a poem be Pearse. Conall Patrick O'Brien sang "The Ballad of George & Pop" as a tribute to Vol. George McBrearty and Vol. Pop Maguire. Easter Greetings and messages of solidarity from Brendan "Darkie" Hughes, John Kelly, Ex-POWs Against PSNI/RUC & MI5, Michael Holden of the IPSC in London, and Noel Maguire- the sole Republican Prisoner in England were read aloud.

Among the attendees were Martin Galvin, Tom Enright, Ken Tierney, Tom Laffey, former POWs, families of 1916 veterans. There was a display of Irish Republican memorabilia from 1867 to present. There was a selection of Republican merchandise. A traditional Irish breakfast was served. The event was sponsored by Sean Oglaigh na hEireann, Friends Of Irish Freedom, Tipperary Association, Saoirse of NJ, Irish American Cultural Club of LI, and Bronx Gaelic League.

Ex-POWs and Combatants Against RUC/PSNI & MI5 Easter Message

We would like to welcome everyone here today on the 91st anniversary of the Easter Rising of 1916.

We are gathered here to pay tribute to those who fought and died in the cause of Irish freedom, the men and women who took up arms to reclaim the democratic rights of their nation.

Ex-POWs and Combatants Against RUC/PSNI & MI5 has found it necessary to come together to ensure that the sacrifice of our patriot dead will not have been in vain. It is the duty of all Republicans to safeguard the graves and the memory of their fallen comrades and to remind every citizen of the Republic established in 1916 that six counties of that Republic remain under British occupation.

In today's political climate that the British call "normalisation", these words are not popular. Nor were they popular in 1916 when captured volunteers were spat upon by the ignorant. Unfortunately, the signs of the times are that Britain, with the aid of certain politically ambitious elements, the career politicians that Sinn Fein is overloaded with, has been able to foster that ignorance again. Just last week, a young Republican was arrested in the Bogside while collecting for Republican prisoners' families. As the RUC handcuffed him, two women selling Easter lilies for the Provisional Movement laughed and jeered.

This type of shocking behaviour reflects the shabby treatment of ex-POWs by the Provisional leadership in their undignified rush to sell out Republicanism. Ex-POWs have been trampled upon and left to rot, many suffering from alcoholism and mental and physical health problems, more often than not as a result of imprisonment and the conflict in general.

The current Provisional policy of collaborating with the Crown forces stinks to high heaven and many ex-POWs wonder about the influence and identity of the other Scappaticcis and Donaldsons who have yet to be unmasked.

Sinn Fein's call for our youth to join the Crown forces will not and cannot be heeded. Nor will we heed the Provisional leadership's call on community members to become informers. There have already been too many Gilmores and Kirkpatricks in our community. True Republicans can never be touts or in the control of MI5.

To those ex-POWs who continue to not challenge what they know is wrong we say "open your eyes!" our future and our children's futures cannot be securely built on lies. How long, for example, before Sinn Fein enter Westminster? How long before it's Lord Adams of the Falls?

We call upon all ex-POWs and ex-combatants to get in touch with our group. In the coming weeks and months, we will be holding a series of meetings to set up Ex-POW and Combatant groups across Ireland.

We again thank all of you who have attended the commemoration today. We can leave here with our heads held high in the knowledge and conviction that we true republicans will always cherish and uphold the ideals of our fallen martyrs.

Let us go from here and organise a movement befitting of these brave men and women.

Go raibh maith agaibh.


Regarding Noraid and their declared support for Sinn Fein's betrayal of Republicanism, we say shame on you. The Sinn Fein leadership have endorsed British rule in Ireland. Noraid, have you lost your senses or are there other Denis Donaldsons in your midst to lead you into treachery?

It is all the more important that we, true Republicans, hold in trust the ideals of our martyred dead.

We appeal to true Republican supporters for funding to assist us to build a broad Republican Movement encompassing all shades of Republicanism openly and transparently and where proper democratic debate can occur about our future strategy. In this the USA has a great part to play.











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24 April 2007

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