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Dolours Price • 29 November, 2006

Today it is an essay on the "Offences against the State Act 1939" that I am avoiding. There is no essay; it is wrong, but how to say that in 3000 words, and sound sincere, well, not one of my fortes!

I read Anthony Mc Intyres piece with growing optimism. I am not on my own, and my views are shared by equally intelligent and thoughtful Republicans.

Distraction desired, topic, irresistible.

I have always declared, to the point of boredom, that I am a Republican, born, bred, and intellectualised. I have never seen another way forward for this Island of ours than that of a Republic, 32 counties and Socialist. Call me a dreamer, and I will be happy with that; at least I will be able to live with myself should my dreams fade and die like bubbles.

I was heartened by the number and variety of good minded and dedicated people who responded to Anthony's question about the threat to Adams and Mc Guinness. As my late mother used to say, "why would we kill Paisley, he's our greatest asset?" Sinn Fein are our greatest spokespersons for not going with the British and Irish Governments on this. They are tied to the old masters.

I know that many others believe the same. We do not need to tweek and preen, to adjust and cosmetically change what we have in the North of Ireland —lets call it Stormont— it is gone way beyond that. Sinn Fein want "the Institutions up and running"; running where? Off the cliff like so many lemmings?

There is no solution to the problem of "Northern Ireland". To the majority on the island the idea of six small counties being a political entity is funny, if funny can be applied to the massive loss of life that has resulted from that dreadful Treaty decision to split the island of Ireland.

I am indeed beyond disappointment in my former comrades, now Sinn Fein, They are as they are, perhaps I was too expectant of their dedication and ideals, they have fulfilled neither. Was I out of touch with the reality of their position when we thought we shared a common ideology? Yes, probably.

My ideals have never faltered.

They have moved from a position of Revolution to a grovelling wish to belong to the Establishment and to implement the laws, wishes and instructions of said Establishment.

Unfortunately for them, they are at the mercy of Ian Paisley's whims. Not where I would ever be, or wish any Republican to be. They must admit defeat. Leave it to the generations to come. Bury your heads and say your "mea cuplas". You did wrong. Others will fix it.


































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3 December 2006

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