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Once Again, The Big Transition


Dolours Price • 28 January 2007

I heard the news with no surprise. Sinn Fein had "unanimously" supported policing in the North of this Island.

I got sad, then I got sick, then I reasoned with myself, "what else would they do?" Sell-outs must be complete. The enemy, now the master, will accept nothing less.

I had decided to go to the place of their Ard Fheis to express my opposition. My children asked me not to. "They will hit you mammy," they said, and I could give them no guarantee that that might not happen.

So, everything has been sold out on. Partition, Free-State, Stormont, R. U. C. (Remember the fun we had when they came in to wreck our homes and drag one or other of the family off to Castlereagh for a few days "interrogation"?")

Now, will Gerry Kelly and his members of the PSNI be doing the same because we regard them as Republican traitors? Will they be kicking in my door because I refuse to acknowledge Stormont as anything other than a sectarian parliament, created in times of confusion and massive threat, as a "sop" to the unionists of that time? As a geographical, economic and political unviable entity?

And I am right.

I marvel, and fear, the hold Gerry Adams has over his people. He is cute, in the sense that he is politically wise, but he is also ruthless in a way that I know myself. Then it was for the Cause, now it is Self-seeking. He has an agenda and no-one will be allowed to get in the way of that agenda. He is above no sculdugarity, as old friends, he would have me dead in the morning if it was needed in his plan. Let me remind Gerry, we go far back, farther than he would like to remember, but I do. I went to gaol for eight long years, and endured torture in English Prisons, so to him it may have been a "phase"; to me it was life or death and great pain in between.

Never underestimate the knowledge of your Volunteers, we are not ordinary soldiers, we think and believe and trust and carry our principles well. Gerry, loyalty is not to you, you are a disgrace, loyalty is to the Green Book. One day the Book may say, "enough is enough, expose them".

I am me, and I now declare that you have brought the Republican Movement back to the days when Nationalism was the thing and my grannies windows were put in by Nationalists because she was a Republican. I note you now refer to your support as "Nationalist, then Republican..." I see the two horses you are attempting to ride.

You will change little at Stormont. Perhaps you will go to Westminster to take your seat. You will have young men under the command of the Imperial Police Master, Mr. Orde. Who will invade my home, will harass me, will do all that has gone before, and why? Because I am an unrepentant Republican and abhor all that Stormont stands for and ever stood for. And you, my once friend, will condone it all. We are few, we are unrepentant, we are still at war. Cope with that and like de Valera you too might be hanging some of us. Reconcile yourself with that and you can reconcile yourself with the devil.

You let me down Gerry, and I liked you.

Yes, Ireland, today. Not a terrific place to live in even if you live in the nice parts like Malahide like I do. That was just to get me in the mood for a long tirade but didn't really. I might have to get serious.

You know that a lot of us were brought up on the notion of "freeing" Ireland. Getting back the six "stolen" Counties, etc.

Turns out they weren't stolen at all but given by a craven crew who fell for the bluff of Lloyd George. He who blinks first is lost, I knew that at a very early age and did down the British Government with my brinkmanship. Other factors but my oath was true.

People in this part of the island could not care less. Sore but true. My son told me off today for disputing the TREATY with my lecturer. I like them to have their own thoughts but that was a hard one for me.

So, what contribution am I making today? I'm old, trying to keep up with 120 nineteen year olds (my son is 18!). We have a campaign going about flying the flag at Trinity College. (I have suggested that it not be flown beside the Catholic they are entitled to hang in the quad once a year, cause I think I might be the Catholic!) I mean I'm not even a proper Catholic and I don't like hanging.

The truth is that despite any attempt at fun I feel far away from humour at this time. It is, once again the big transition. It is taking the stone back to the bottom of the mountain and beginning to push it back up. I have pushed, and thought I was there, not so. I am gathering my strength again, what else can I do? I will push the stone as far as I can and hope that the young people coming behind will take over my burden, otherwise I will never stop pushing.

It will be ours, it is ours, let them admit it.


































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28 January 2007

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