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Rendition Collusion


Eoin McGrath • Forum Magazine, June-July 2006

A recently published Council of Europe report, compiled by Swiss senator Dick Marty, has exposed the active and passive collusion of several European countries in a CIA operated "global spider's web" of rendition flight paths, stopover facilities and secret detention centres.

The report has named Ireland as a key stopover point in the CIA-operated rendition programme.

The CIA devised the concept of extraordinary rendition - the abduction and transferral of people to countries where they are interrogated under torture - during the later years of the Clinton administration.

Over recent years, rendition has primarily been used against militant Islam, even though it has been declared illegal under international law.

Since March 2003, the Dublin government has permitted US military and CIA-owned flights to land and refuel at Shannon Airport.

This represents a radical departure in established government policy. For the previous fifty years foreign military aircraft had been denied overflight and landing facilities if they were carrying armaments, aerial photographic equipment, engaged in intelligence gathering or military exercises.

In the face of wide-ranging criticism, the Dublin government has continually claimed that no evidence has emerged to prove that detained Muslim prisoners have passed through Shannon in US military or CIA-owned chartered flights.

But how could any evidence emerge when the Dublin government has deliberately refused to check any US military or CIA-owned flights that have landed at Shannon over recent years?

Dick Marty pointed to European governments "having tolerated or having been negligent in fulfilling their duty to supervise". The Dublin government's approach is a classic example of this criticism.

The Department of Foreign Affairs points to repeated US assurances that no illegally detained prisoners have passed through Shannon. However, the Bush administration believes that it is legally entitled to arrest and detain any person it designates as a terrorist suspect anywhere in the world.

According to the Washington world-view, rendition is legally justifiable and an abducted and bound Muslim prisoner landing in Shannon on a CIA-owned flight is not defined as an illegally detained prisoner in US eyes. Hence US assurances to the Dublin government concerning the involvement of Shannon in rendition are worthless.

Last month a contract cleaner boarded a US military flight in Shannon and observed a US military prisoner shackled inside. The cleaner reported this observation to the Airport authorities. This was the first the Dublin government learnt of the issue, as the US government had not obtained the necessary permission to land the military detainee at Shannon.

How many other bound detainees, Muslim or US military, have passed through Shannon undetected by contract cleaners, our only source of information on this matter, since the Dublin government has abjured its responsibilities in this regard? We can only guess.

But what is certain is that numerous flights involved in rendition have landed in Shannon on the return leg of CIA abduction operations. For example, a CIA Gulfstream IV jet [call sign N85VM], which was involved in the abduction of Abu Omar in Milan on 16 February 2003, landed and refuelled at Shannon at 0552 on February 18. Another CIA Gulfstream jet [call sign N379P], involved in abducting Ahmed Agiza and Muhammad el-Zary in Sweden, has also landed at Shannon on numerous occasions over recent years.

This is only a small sample from a comprehensive list compiled by Amnesty International and the Irish Anti-War Movement.

Despite assertions to the contrary, the Dublin government has been facilitating an illegal CIA intelligence gathering operation that is founded on abduction and torture.

It is time for the Dublin government to end obfuscation in relation to this matter by complying with international law and by withdrawing landing and refuelling facilities from all US military and intelligence aircraft and all chartered flights transporting US military and intelligence personnel.




























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27 August 2006

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