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If you board the wrong train, it is no use running along the corridor in the other direction. - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Eoghan O'Suilleabhain • 31 October 2006

Ah, the imagery, the imagery of Provisional Sinn Fein beckoning us on… like Ahab on the great white caboose to Republican no where with stops in the refurbished stations of Hillsborough and Sunningdale now renamed GFA and St. Andrews.

As if compromise short of conversion can be reached with religious lunatics.

What a serviceable lot the DUP is… a marginalized political minority in England dismissively laughed at and ignored there…and for good reason --- they're nuts.

But what a foil they are for British imperialism here like the outcaste Plymouth Bay pilgrims of yore in Massachusetts: not good enough for Mutha but good enough for the colonies.

Beware! Any act of thanksgiving with them is just a cover for further incursions.

Ask any Native American.

We the rational must therefore deal with this irrational 15% of our population like the English deal with them. We must reject and ignore them while never missing an opportunity to ridicule them. Without British gerrymandered backing…they are not a force that has to be reckoned with any more than any other sock puppet or sidewalk bible thumper has to be.

And so what they may end up controlling the UK's puppet Stormont government. Imagine the DUP alone and "in" power, left to their own devices irresistibly issuing religious decrees proscribing short dresses, rock & roll music and booze.

Who besides their own few would listen…really?

Much of the whole world would watch and laugh at England's embarrassment stuck between fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan and supporting them here.

If ever there was an opportunity to have this state-let wither away…this is it.

Ergo, stop taking the soup because legitimacy can only come from the ground up.

Instead, now that there are no substantive differences anymore between PSF, SDLP and Fianna Fail, they should all merge with Fianna Fail as an all 32 County political party force sitting in the Dail but refusing seats in Stormont to ensure its implosion.

This is the only way Fianna Fail, corrupt neo-colonial party that it is, can be enticed toward the Republic since this three party merger would ensure their all Ireland parliamentary hegemony north and south like pigs to the trough for some time to come all the while holding out the promise for the likes of Gerry and Martin to be master liars of all the liars and in receipt of blank checks and no interest (ahem) loans. No need even for skiing trips to Lichtenstein.

Clearly a case of one step back for corrupt entrenchment to go two steps forward for Irish unification. How else to turn weakness into strength?

And even if Fianna Fail should decide to take their seats in Stormont, no way would the DUP partner with Dublin Rome Rule thereby ensuring surrender of their own Loyalists seats there. Worst case scenario is they (shock) agree to be junior partners on our Island. Not likely though.

It won't be long before the English finally grow weary of financing Dublin rule here…provided of course that Dublin not provide any of the financing.

Enter the E.U. and the U.S.

The E.U. wants wider monetary and economic integration. It makes no sense for a small island country like Ireland to have two different currencies or economies. Therefore, the E.U. can be easily lobbied to encourage the economic unification of Ireland. And politics, like law, follows economics.

Moreover, the U.S. backs England's occupation of Ireland for only one reason: NATO security. Hence the double standard demand by the U.S., E.U., and U.K. for Turkey to leave Northern Cyprus…since all of the island of Cyprus is in NATO. Even Turkey's request for a Good Friday Agreement for Cyprus has been rejected.

So if the Republic of Ireland would agree to join NATO in exchange for 32 County Irish political unification sans the U.K., most of the securicrats in England could be satiated. And the US backed NATO alliance would expand further throughout Western Europe. Even the Stormont building could be the site of NATO naval headquarters because we'll have no further use of it.

The good news for Irish neutralists is that alliances don't last forever and we can still insist that only genuine incursions of NATO security in Europe would get our backing…not Anglo-American campaigns in Iraq or Afghanistan.

And the only chink in this Irish unification scenario is our own deefer demons willing to sell us all out as usual for a lot less. If such treason occurred, then the full might of Irish national wrath should come down on all their persons, houses, places and effects.

Clearly the future ain't what it used to be but poaching still beats game keeping.









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7 November 2006

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