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Calling All de Gaulles!

The official point of view of the French government is that the Vichy regime was an illegal government distinct from the French Republic, established by traitors under foreign influence. Indeed, Vichy France eschewed the formal name of France ("French Republic") and styled itself the "French State". -- Wikipedia

Eoghan O'Suilleabhain • 1 May 2007

Truly the more things change the more they stay the same. Sure some will say you can't make this comparison…because…because it's Vichy French State apples and Irish Free State oranges.

However, England's occupation and interference in Ireland differs from Germany's occupation and interference in France by a matter of degree… not kind. Therefore, it's all the same bitter fruit.

Even more similar are the re-actions of the occupied. All of a nation's people once invaded will respond accordingly: some will actively and passively resist by fighting and rejecting the occupier while others will actively and passively assist and collaborate with the occupier.

And of course there will be no end to the excuses and apologias from the collaborators during and even after the occupation.

When Germany conquered France and established the Vichy Regime, there were all kinds of treasonous French people who argued that Vichy was the path or stepping stone to eventual freedom for France and that the Resistance was not - because it had no alternative and was only delaying the day of French independence and unification as promised by the Germans.

Sound familiar?

Ah yeah, but for the Resistance we would've had our freedom long ago. Now why does that only sound absurd coming from the mouth of a Vichy Frenchman and not from FF, FG, PD, or SDLP?

In short, it's because Vichy lost and its supporters were rightfully jailed and or marginalized after the War in a free and independent France where the French language not surprisingly is mandatory.

The exact opposite has happened in Ireland. Our two little partitioned Vichy states have "won" and our Republican resistance has lost once again.

As such we have to continue to suffer the slings and arrows of the colonial and neo-colonial native cliques who are only too happy to uphold a double standard for direct and indirect British occupation and rule here.

Even our elections boil down to choosing between this Pro-Brit party or that West Brit Party. And almost all the candidates running are expressly or impliedly Vichy Irish.

So we are on the whole a nation of grovellers not de Gaullers.

That's why imperialism is never a good thing. Not only does it rob, kill and injure millions, it infantilizes occupied people and will even make a bad situation worse as Bush and Blair have done in Iraq in order to control the supply of oil there.

As Robert Fisk has said, if asparagus was Iraq's main export, Bush & Blair would never have invaded and occupied the place. The name of the game is always what's in it for the invader and occupier. Talk by them of their neutrality and beneficence are transparent lies.

No wonder General David Petraeus (the Pentagon's current guru of counter-insurgency) is talking about the need for a long term Anglo-American occupation of Iraq which is why he referenced the long term British counter-insurgency campaign in Northern Ireland when he said:

"Iraq is going to have to learn —as did Northern Ireland— to live with some degree of sensational attacks."

Translation: Iraqis are going to have to learn to tolerate foreign occupation and rule and all that goes with it - just like the Irish did and do.

Petraeus has made a prophet out of Bernadette Devlin. After all, didn't Devlin say in 1998 (after the Provos signed on to the GFA) that imperialists the world over would be looking to replicate this British model of counter-insurgency? Well you can say you heard it here...right from the mouth of America's chief counter-insurgent.

Now look for Bush & Blair to partition Iraq in three while "re-deploying" (Democrat Congressman Jack Murtha's favourite word) to their Kurdistan sector in northern Iraq and insisting upon devolved Anglo-American rule (via the UN?) in what will be left of East and West Iraq.

Rest assured there will be bi-partisan support for this in the US Congress and the British Parliament (and their Irish Dail echo chamber) all in the spirit of our Vichy good...your Vichy bad.

Pray for Iraq and call all de Gaulles!



















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6 May 2007

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