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Levi's Law

In history and in life one sometimes seems to glimpse a ferocious law which states: "to he that has, will be given; from he that has not, will be taken away." - Primo Levi


Eoghan O'Suilleabhain • 2 April 2007

This is the law of genocide and it is the law every where because genocide works every where in one form or another in whole or in part. That's why it's policy. Like neutron bombs, it clears the land of the people who are living on it without destroying their assets. Ask any Tasmanian or Tuscaroran. And once the natives are gone or sufficiently neutered, no meaningful payments for the takings need occur.

Native people often use the tactic of "terrorism" to fight the invader's tactic of genocide but it isn't easy. Power has many plays. Shock and awe pogroms aren't the only arrow in the invader's quiver. Killing everybody isn't even necessary anymore given today's world-wide web of embedded mass media. It's enough now to kill just some of the local population (because they are the local population) to intimidate the television-watching-rest into fleeing or useful submission.

And if that doesn't work right away then there is always the tried and tested method of just getting the locals to kill each other while the invader plays referee like Philip of Macedonia setting Athens off against Sparta.

It's an old game that pays present day dividends. Hence Hamas versus Fatah in occupied Palestine. Rest assured that's a Mossad thing.

That's why Shiites and Sunnis in Iraq need to take a step back from killing each other and look more closely at the historical precedent of who has invaded and is occupying their country.

The United States has a long history of sponsoring client state government collusion with death squads from the CIA's Operation Phoenix in Vietnam to their Operation Condor in Latin America. (State Terrorism and the United States by Frederick H. Gareau)

England has an even longer history of playing locals off against each other in most parts of the rest of the world. One need only look at how successful British Army's Special Intelligence Wing (especially their Force Research Unit) has been in bringing the PIRA to heel with the use of Loyalist death squads.

Bush and Blair will be emboldened then by the present Adams-Paisley accord to continue on with their conquest of Iraq et al. If they can just get enough locals in Iraq to kill one another, the Arabs there might become by reduction more malleable and the Irish.

In Bush and Blair's evil minds it will only be a matter of time before the slaughtered Shiites and Sunnis are begging for devolved Anglo-American rule in Iraq. After all, all drowning men like Gerry "Chalabi" Adams, will reach for a sword because pacification beats eradication.

Perhaps that's why Bush recently told his de facto satrap Bertie "the Banal" Ahern that there were positive developments occurring in Iraq. Maybe the government sponsored death squads there are finally having an effect.

Independent Iraqis should therefore focus on the actions of among others the thousands of armed "private" contractors like Blackwater, KBR, Dyncorp and Triple Canopy who have been put in place by Bush and Blair ostensibly as an ideological effort to privatize a government war for profit.

However, the whole enterprise smacks of false flag operations much like the Red Hand Commandos used to here.

Always remember that Levi's Law is a ferocious law. Therefore, anything goes. No amount of native death and destruction is too much or too little and no amount of lies about same too dishonest because all is rationalized.

Imperial nirvana will be reached when local scolds in Iraq, like Kevin Myers here, can openly condemn native resistance as illegal and immoral without any fear of rightful retribution.

People like Myers merely echo the battle cry of all counter-insurgency: Treason is good, patriotism a crime. If you don't think so then imagine how long Myers would last in the States writing about George Washington and 1776 like he writes about Padraig Pearce and 1916 here.

And it's not for nothing that the neo-conservatives surrounding Bush and Blair worship at the temple of Ayn Rand. After all, it was she who said: "It's not (Arab) oil…just because it's under their soil" (Ayn Rand interviewed by Phil Donahue), and "…that the United States…is the only moral country in the history of the world." (Ayn Rand's 1974 Address at West Point)

Moral no doubt because the U.S. has always obeyed Levi's Law whether in Wounded Knee, My Lai or To Gun Ri.

It's as simple as our American Revolution good, your revolution bad.

How else could they reconcile the irreconcilable?

















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9 April 2007

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