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Welcome back, David. Now, go away again!


Eamon Sweeney • 9 May 2006

Dear David,

It's been a while old friend. How have you been? It looks like the lure of even long faded limelight still holds its attractions for you. Still haven't learned your lessons I see. You are still like the stubborn, jaded and lesser-spotted Bitter-moth heading inexorably a fiery doom. If you were trying to commit suicide I wouldn't mind so much. But not even you can commit suicide twice, even if was the political variety.

Tell me, why are you rearing your head above the battered parapet again to tell us your theories about why Republicans have not done enough to satisfy Unionist demands? Before you whole-heartedly participated in the destruction of your own party by bending over to accommodate Sinn Fein you seemed trusting enough.
Joint Authority you tell us will not 'fly'. Why not, prey tell? Surely, if memory serves me correctly, there were plenty of times when you practically begged the British Government to press ahead and leave nationalists peering through the gates at Castle Buildings. Now, presumably that the shoe is on the other foot you have regained the vigour of your youth.

What are you going to do on November 25th, David, if Joint Authority suddenly develops wings? Will you dig up old Billy Craig, jump back on the platform and reconvene the Vanguard to "Liquidate the enemy"?

What about another big strike? You may find it harder this time round to locate as many hard working Protestants to run to your aid, if only because nobody has a job. Furthermore in the intervening years, industry has gone to the wall, so you won't be able to grind the 'Province' to a halt. You and your ilk smashed the Unions, so they won't come to your assistance either. What about the UDA? Oh sorry I forgot, they're too busy making money.

Who exactly were you representing on last Sunday's Politics Show? It wasn't the UUP that's for sure. You wouldn't have the gall to back the DUP would you? Of course you would because you followed their policies often enough when your own failed.

Are you seeking Unionist unity in the face of the Romanist hoards? Will you don your sullied sash this summer and tread the melting tarmac in pursuit of some hackneyed notion of yesteryear?

I have to say that I didn't know that you were a fan of situation comedies until I saw you star in that one off on BBC3 recently. Someone suggested to me that it was actually a dicumentary (no I did spell it correctly, thank you), but I told them to wise up. You must be getting a few bob for the re-runs on UKTV Gold. You're a desperate man altogether. Imagine listening to Elvis and opera, Jesus, that cracked me up.

Anyway, I have to go. My toe-nails need cutting and it's only fifteen minutes until Celebrity Jigs and Reels starts! Yes I've much more important things to be doing. It's a shame you don't.

Yours insincerely,
























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