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British Policing Must Never Be Acceptable in Ireland


Francis Mackey, National Chairman, 32 County Sovereignty Movement
• 20 February 2006

The March election campaign is now under way and there is a range of candidates going forward on a stated stance of opposition to British Policing in Ireland.

This common thread is a unifying call for the Republican and Nationalist community to exercise their right to register their misgivings and opposition to the acceptance of the PSNI/RUC, MI5 and the whole British intelligence services operating illegally in Ireland.

It also allows the people to voice their opposition to the continued sectarian politics of the British inspired Stormont Deal as agreed under the St. Andrews agreement.

Policing is both the visual spectacle of the British Government's illegal sovereign claim to the six occupied counties and also remains their bulwark against Irish unification. This has never been acceptable in the past and is not acceptable now despite statements from pro-establishment parties that it is a work in progress. It is not, and this is borne out by the British and Dublin governments assertions that the constitutional question is settled from their respective positions.

Therefore those advocating the stepping stone formula are deluding themselves and are not being honest with the Irish people.

This is evident by their refusal to tell the Irish people exactly how they will achieve their stated objectives by administering British Rule in Ireland.

The Anti British Policing candidates come from varying backgrounds, however that should not deter anyone from voting for them.

Equally the candidates should not interpret the vote as anything other than what it is, opposition to British policing and British law in Ireland.

These candidates are honourable and principled people and deserve the peoples vote on this issue.

Already the perception is being created by the establishment media and the establishment parties that these candidates have no prospects of securing credible support. This is rubbish and these sentiments are being expressed to divert attention away from the real issue of British policing and the deep unease which this issue is having within the nationalist and republican community.

Throughout the ongoing Anti British Policing debates large numbers have attended and clearly reflected this unease at the continuance of British policing and British Rule in Ireland.

This clearly demonstrates that the republican position is strong. British policing is the unifying issue for all republicans and the Nationalist community to register their opposition to it.

Equally this mandate post election will allow the candidates and the republican base to democratically decide how that mandate is used in stepping up the campaign against British policing.

I take this opportunity to wish all the candidates well in their challenge to British policing in Ireland and urge the Nationalist/Republican people to register their vote against British policing in our country.

























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