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Legalize the Irish

Frank [Name Supplied], New York ILIR Supporter • 12 September 2006

I am in disbelief after reading the comments of Mr. Hurley regarding the "Undocumented Irish". I am one of those 50,000 plus "Undocumented Irish".

To address a few issues, I am not as educated as Mr. Hurley, as I had to leave school early to get a job, so my words will be simple. He questions the validity of the number of "undocumented" being 50k plus, and he may be right; the reason for that is since that number was stated many months ago, the numbers have decreased dramatically. This is because of the number of Irish having to leave their life in America behind them. How do I know this, I see it everyday! The "Irish" born communities are disappearing in the US and this is a fact. We are in danger of our native "Irish" born communities disappearing in the next 10 years.

The numbers speak for themselves, out of 1.4 million visas given out by the US last year, the Irish got 2,000! We the "undocumented" know we came here and stayed without visa's, but what are our chances ... less than half a percent. The US immigration system is broken, but instead of trying to fix it, the likes of Peter King would rather lock everyone up and anyone who helps them. YES, Peter King turned his back on the Irish, they got him elected and like Judas, he took his "gold" from the higher powers that be.

As stated by Mr. Hurley "Consistent polling and empirical evidence indicates that the Irish American Community, just like the U.S. population at large, believes that Congressman King is doing an excellent job in protecting our nation." Protection against the local "Irish Lad" who spends his days working and spending his few dollars in the local bar??? Or is it protection from the Kerryman who spent 3 weeks digging rubble in ground zero with his bare hands, almost losing his arm? This is the "undocumented" man that Mr. King wants to lock up!

In regards to the obvious personal attack on Mr. O'Dowd, it seems that the comments are in regard to what I would call "boll-i-tics". Let me explain...political bollox! Mr. O'Dowd stepped up when no one else did. This issue is about people, Irish people, not senators, not representatives and not presidents. It's about the "undocumented" Irish lad digging for bodies with his bare hands on 9/11, and can't return home for a wedding, celebration or funeral. Legalize the IRISH!

I am surprised and shocked that these comments against ANY ways or means to legalize the Irish came from the President of a wonderful group such as the County Cork Association of New York. As a Corkman I am sure that this is not the belief of its members, or of any true supporter of the future of Irish/America.



































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