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Statements on the Arrest of Gerry McGeough


Various • March 2007

McGeough Arrest Politically Motivated

Independent Candidate Gerry McGeough, who ran on an anti-PSNI platform in Fermanagh/Tyrone, was arrested by the RUC the day after the election and is being charged with a political offense he was supposed to have committed 25 years ago. He is being held at the Antrim Interrogation Center.

Throughout the campaign Gerry argued that the RUC/PSNI had inflicted collusion murder torture and perjury in the name of British rule and should not receive the backing or cooperation of any true Irishman or woman. Now the question every Irish Republican and Nationalist should be asking themselves is what has changed with the policing in the north of Ireland? Gerry McGeough, an ex-IPOW, who wants peace in a united Ireland and decided to work within the democratic process by running for office, is a prime example of what the RUC is still all about. It's quite clear, by the politically motivated arrest of Gerry McGeough, that any republican not following British "party line" will now be, once again, subjected to intimidation tactics, arrest and maybe even torture by the RUC/PSNI. The backing of the RUC/PSNI was a mistake and Gerry's arrest on a fabricated 1981 charge proves he was right that the RUC/PSNI is determined to do away with anyone who opposes and speaks out against them.

Contact Helen McClafferty for details
(201) 372-0333

32CSM Condemn Politically Motivated Arrest of Gerry McGeough
32CSM • 8 March

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement condemns the politically motivated arrest of assembly candidate Gerry McGeough outside Omagh Leisure Centre on
Thursday 8th March.

This disgraceful arrest is not only an attack on his mandate and on the nationalist people but is also a clear message that the RUC/PSNI hasn't changed and despite assertions from Provisional Sinn Fein the RUC will still carry out political policing functions at the behest of the British security establishment.

This arrest is quite clearly a shot across the bows of Mr Adams and his party and a reminder that they must fully endorse British law in Ireland and the political establishment that enacts such laws.

The timing of this arrest is irrefutable evidence of political policing and the fact that it was carried out just after the election as opposed to prior to elections clearly indicates political intervention by the British security establishment. It further underlines the folly of nationalist endorsement of British policing in Ireland.

McGeough Arrest Politically Motivated
Helen McClafferty • 9 March

The arrest of Gerry McGeough, an Independent candidate who ran for election in Fermanagh/South Tyrone on an anti-PSNI platform, is a blatant act of arrogance on the part of the RUC and one can't help but believe that his arrest was most definitely politically motivated.

Gerry McGeough, one of the most charismatic, highly educated and intelligent Republican candidates to emerge on the political scene since the signing of the Stormont Agreement, has been an outspoken opponent to Sinn Fein's acceptance of the PSNI. It is really amazing how the arrest took place the day after the elections rather than before. Was the PSNI and Sinn Fein afraid if Gerry was arrested prior to the election he would have won even more votes based on Nationalist/Republican sympathy alone?

If the PSNI "is only doing it's duty investigating serious crime" then why hasn't the entire staff of Sinn Fein been arrested and detained for their supposed serious actions in the past? Maybe it's because Sinn Fein has won from the British an "amnesty for themselves alone."

Election and Arrests
Republican Sinn Fein • 12 March

Michael McManus - RSF candidate for Fermanagh/South Tyrone - has called the arrest and subsequent charging of both Gerry McGeough and Vincie McAnepsie as a disgrace and a shameful exercise on the part of the British to show who really is the boss.

The election results, and in particular the successful effort on the part of the censors within the media to prevent any airing of the Republican viewpoint, has emboldened the enemies of Irish Republicans, and those who chose to vote for the Provos and the SDLP should now hang their heads in shame.

We warned that a vote for either party was a vote to support this armed wing of the Crown Forces: now clearly as a result of that vote, Gerry and Vincie are just the first two who are now being held to account for their Republicanism.

We acknowledge and thank those near 1,250 voters who chose to oppose the RUC by voting for RSF or Gerry McGeough and we go forward in the belief that we must build on that support to ensure that electorally the Republican Movement continues to challenge all enemies of the Republic.

We send solidarity greetings to both the McGeough and the McAnepsie families in this difficult time for them.
















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14 March 2007

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