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Irish Republican Ex-POWs Against the RUC/PSNI & MI5


6 March 2007

As Republican activists who served the Republican and Republican Socialist Movements in the armed struggle, we would like to take this opportunity to call upon all Republicans to come out and vote for Independent Republican Candidates of your choice in the Election tomorrow. These candidates are well placed to represent the concerns of grassroots Republicans.

The people’s desire for peace has been cynically exploited. We, the undersigned, have always desired peace. We reject the logic of the proposition that the interests of peace can be in any way served by our young people signing up to join the British Crown forces such as the RUC/PSNI. These forces continue to recruit informers from within our community to spy upon Republicans. To speak frankly, Irish Republicanism is jeopardised by the British-inspired lie that this is required in order to have peace. We view this as a betrayal of everything Republicans fought for.

A broader strategy to rebuild and consolidate the Republican Movement in Ireland has begun. We support open and free debate among Republicans as we face the future and the unfinished struggle to bring about, by peaceful means, a thirty-two country democratic Republic on the island of Ireland.

Fra Barber, Derry
Joe Barr, Tyrone
Tom Barry, Portloaise Gaol
Jim Blakely, Derry
Terry Bonner, Derry
Phil Bowen, Derry
Jim Boyle, Derry
D. Boyle, Tyrone
Don Boyle, Derry
Cathy Bradley, Derry
James 'Jimmy B' Bradley, Belfast
Martin Bradley Derry
Ted Bradley, Derry
John Brady, Maghaberry Gaol
Ben Brady, Tyrone
Derek Brady, Portlaoise Gaol
Martin Brogan, Down
Hugh Brolly, Derry
Bruno Brown, Derry
Tony Browne, Derry
Gerry Burns, Dublin
Barry Campbell, Armagh
Davy Campbell, Derry
Eddie Campbell, Belfast
Paul Campbell, Armagh
W. Campbell, Derry
James Canney, Belfast
Brian Carlin, Derry
Paul Carlin, Derry
Mark Caroll, Down
Conor Casey, Magahberry Gaol
Paul Carson, Belfast
Cathal Cartland, Louth
Tony Catney, Belfast
Gerard Carville, Down
John Cassidy, Derry
Ann Cinnamont, Armagh
Gerard 'Cleaky' Clarke, Belfast
Jimmy Clarke, Belfast
Davy Clinton, Down
Malachy Cooley, Armagh
John Connolly, Magahberry Gaol
Mickey Connolly, Belfast
Seamus Connolly, Armagh
Sean Connolly, Portlaoise Gaol
Tarloc Connolly, Tyrone
Emanuel Conway, Belfast
Martin Corey, Armagh
Del Coyle, Derry
Seamus Coyle, Derry
Kevin Crilly, Armagh
Anto Crowley, Portloaise Gaol
Denis Cummings, Tyrone
John Joe Cummings, Tyrone
Ciaran Cunningham, Belfast
E. Curley, Derry
John Curran, Derry
Charlie Deery, Derry
Gerard Deery, Derry
Paddy Deery, Derry
Mickey Og Devine, Derry
Pat Dillon, Belfast
Roger Dillon, Tyrone
Sean Dillon, Tyrone

Eddie Dobbins, Derry
John 'Nobby' Dobbins, Derry
Abe Doherty, Derry
Ciaran Doherty, Derry
Christine Doherty, Derry
Gerry Doherty, Derry
Johnny Doherty, Derry
J. Doherty, Derry
Martin 'Ducksie' Doherty, Derry
Maura Doherty, Derry
Seamus Doherty, Derry
Saoirse Doherty, Derry
Brian Donnelly, Derry
Gary 'Donzo' Donnelly, Derry
John 'Shorty' Donnelly, Derry
Gerry Donnelly, Derry
Michael Donnelly, Derry
Danny Doyle, Derry
Danny Duffy, Derry
Declan Duffy, Portlaoise Gaol
George Duffy, Derry
Patsy Duffy, Derry
Sean Duffy, Tyrone
Shane Duffy, Armagh
Martin Dugan, Armagh
Tony Dugan, Armagh
Jim Dynes, Belfast
Atsy Edgar, Derry
Nuala Edgar, Derry
Martin Farren, Derry
John Fearon, Armagh
Damien Fields, Armagh
Patrick Fields, Armagh
Bobby Fisher, Derry
Joe Fitzsimmons, Down
Marie Flynn, Belfast
Gerard Foster, Belfast
Anthony Fox, Tyrone
Anthony Fox, Dungannon, Tyrone
Paddy Fox, Tyrone
Philip Forsythe, Dublin
Gerard Forward, Belfast
Ciaran Freeman, Armagh
Tony Friel, Derry
Bruce Gallagher, Derry
Andy Gallagher, Tyrone
Anthony Gallagher, Derry
Denis Gallagher, Derry
Jim Gallagher, Derry
Michael Gallagher, Derry
Michael Og Gallagher, Derry
Tommy Gallagher, Derry
Willie Gallagher, Tyrone
Dermot Gannon, Dublin
John Gilmour, Derry
Davy Glennon, Belfast
Tommy Gorman, Belfast
Aidan Grew, Armagh
Oliver Grew, Armagh
Sean Guinness, Armagh
Seamus Halligan, Belfast
B. Hamill, Tyrone
Gerry Hampson, Derry
B. Harkin, Derry
Terry Harkin, Derry

Joe Harper, Down
Tony Hyde, Dublin
Denis Heaney, Armagh
Joe Heaney, Belfast
Liam Heffernan, Belfast
Neil 'Hega' Hegarty, Derry
Alan Hickey, Portloaise Gaol
Noel Hillon, Armagh
Mickey Holden, Derry
John Hollywood, Armagh
Gerry Houston, Derry
Brendan 'the Dark' Hughes, Belfast
Cathal Hughes, Armagh
Danny Hughes, Belfast
Aidan Hulme, Portlaoise Gaol
Robert Hulme, Portlaoise Goal
Robby Humphreys, Portlaoise Gaol
John A. Heaney, Armagh
Liam Johnston, Belfast
Peter Jordan, Bristol
Seamus Kearney, Derry
Dan Keating, Kerry
, (last surviving
War of Independence veteran)

Adrian 'Cypie' Kelly, Derry
Gareth Kelly, Portlaoise Gaol
Jimmy Kelly, Derry
John Kelly (ex-MLA), Derry
Vinny Kelly, Portlaoise Gaol
Adrian Kirwan, Portlaoise Gaol
Canice Lafferty, Derry
Paul Little, Belfast
Justin Livingstone, Armagh
Robert Livingstone, Armagh
Colm Lynagh, Monaghan
Harry Lynn, Derry

Gearoid Maguaid, Down
Ronnie Maguire, Derry
Fr Pat Maloney, New York
Eileen Marshall, Armagh
Patrick Maxwell, Belfast
Paul Maxwell, Derry
Joe McAdams, Derry
Gavin McArdle, Armagh
Danny McBrearty, Derry
James McCafferty, Tyrone
Terry McCafferty, Belfast
Dinny McCallion, Derry
Paul McCallion, Derry
Hugh McCann, Derry
Neville McCann, Louth
Patsy McCann, Dublin
Paul McCarthy, Portloaise Gaol
Hugh McCaughey, Armagh
Anthony McClelland, Derry
Colm McClelland, Derry
Gerry McClelland, Armagh
Sean McClorey, Pittsburgh/Dublin
Michael McCluskey, Derry
Sharon McCluskey, Derry
Ciaran McColgan, Derry
Brian McCool, Derry
Roy McCool, Derry
Gary McCool, Derry
Kieran McCormick, Belfast
P. McCourt, Derry
Jim McCrystal, Armagh
Paddy McDaid, Derry
Brian McFadden, Derry
Thomas McFadden, Derry
Hugh Anthony McGaughy, Armagh
Gerry McGeogh, Tyrone
Gerry McGillion, Derry
Ben McGirr, Armagh
Diane McGlinchey, Tyrone
Paddy McGlinchey, Derry
Paul McGlinchey, Derry
Eddie McGarrigle, Tyrone
Tony McGrann, Belfast
Danny McGrory, Derry
Joe McGuckin, Derry
Seamus McHenry, Belfast
Martin McIlkearney, Belfast
Anthony McIntyre, Belfast
Patsy McIntyre, Derry
Colm McKeegan, Antrim
Brendan McLaughlin, Derry
Denis McLaughlin, Derry
Pauline McLaughlin, Derry
Seamus McLaughlin, Derry
John McMonagle, Derry
Martin McMonagle, Derry
Turlough McMullan, Down
Eugene McNamee, Armagh
Pat McNamee, Armagh
Mickey McNaught, Derry
Joe McNulty, Tyrone
Jimmy McPeake, Belfast
Kevin 'Bap' McQuillan, Belfast
Tommy McReynolds, Belfast
Peter McVeigh, Armagh
Christopher 'Crip' McWilliams, Belfast
Stevie Mellon, Derry
Tommy Mellon, Derry
Barney Meenan, Derry
Mo Moreland, Down
Tony Morelli, Belfast
Danny Morgan, Belfast
Paddy Morgan, Armagh
Paul Morgan, Tyrone
Ivan Morley, Armagh
Gerard Moore, Derry
Terence 'Digger' Moore, Derry
Gerard 'Hucker' Moyna, Belfast
Don Mullan, Tyrone
Gerard Mullan, Belfast
Anthony Murphy, Tyrone
Dominic Murphy, Tyrone
Andy Murphy, Tyrone
Kevin Murphy, Tyrone
Brian Murray, Armagh
Gerard Murray, Belfast
Kieran Murray, Armagh
Paddy Murray, Antrim
Damien 'Dee' Nicell, Derry
Cornelius Nixon, Armagh
John Nixon, Armagh
Seamus O'Ceallaigh, Derry
Brendan O'Connor, Tyrone
Fionbarra O'Dochartaigh, Derry
Eamon O'Donnell, Derry
Gerry O'Donnell, Derry
Aidan O'Driscoll, Portloaise Gaol
Charlie O'Hagan, Derry
Paddy O'Hagan, Derry
Patrick O'Hagan, Derry
Myles O'Hagan, Derry
Sean 'Scatter' O'Hara, Derry
Tony O'Hara, Derry
Patrick O'Hare, Down
Charlie O'Neill, Dublin
Colm O'Neill, Armagh
Frank O'Neill, Chicago
Frankie O'Neill, Derry
Gary O'Neill, Limerick
Lawrence O'Neill, Antrim
Martin O'Neill, Derry
Philip O'Neill, Armagh
R. O'Neill, Tyrone
John O'Rourke, Portloaise Gaol
Terence Page, Derry
Brian Pennyson, Armagh
Dolours Price, Belfast
Marion Price, Belfast
Raymond Quigg, Derry
John Quigley, Derry
Stephen Quigley, Derry
Steven Quigley, Armagh
Brian Quinn, Dublin
Frankie Quinn, Tyrone
Pat Quinn, Tyrone
Frank Ramsey, Derry
Paul Rankin, Derry
Carl Reilly, Belfast
George Roberts, Derry
Cathy Robinson, Derry
Warren Robinson, Derry
Terry Robson, Derry
Alan Ryan, Dublin
Anto Ryan, Dublin
Kevin Satton, Tyrone
Brendan 'Shando' Shannon, Belfast
Art Sherwin, Dublin
Catherine Shields, Derry
Terence Shields, Derry
Christy Smith, Limerick
Colin Smith, Armagh
Hack Smith, Belfast,
Mickey Smith, Belfast
Niall Smith, Portloaise Gaol
Patrick Smith, Belfast
Drew Stevenson, Derry
Lawrence Stevenson, Armagh
Stevie Stewart, Derry
John Martin Swift, Fermanagh
Patrick Tierney, Armagh
Greg Trainor, Armagh
Barry Treanor, Armagh
Malachy Treanor, Armagh
Tony Taylor, Derry
Willie Taylor, Derry
Mickey Tracy, Derry
Paddy Villa, Derry
Jim Walker, Derry
Desmond Walmsley, Fermanagh
Sean Walsh, Dublin
Thomas Ward, Derry
Johnny White, Derry
Tommy White, Derry
Paul Whoriskey, Derry

*This list is not exhaustive and was compiled at short notice. All Ex-POWs are invited to contact Danny McBrearty at


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6 March 2007

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