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The Sunday Times responds to the IWU Statement carried last week

John Burns, Sunday Times News Editor • 1 March 2006

I am the news editor of the Irish edition of The Sunday Times. It's come to my attention that untrue and unfair allegations have been made against our newspaper, and specifically against Liam Clarke, by members of your union.

The position is, as I explained to Ray O'Reilly yesterday, is that we have in our possession a leaflet in the name of the IWU, giving the correct internet website, email address and telephone number for your office in Dublin, which called on people to oppose last Saturday's march. I understand from Mr O'Reilly that your position is that this leaflet is a hoax, and this is "the second time" someone has put out a leaflet in your name and without your authorisation.

If that is the case, then is a matter for you to deal with. We quoted accurately from a leaflet in your name and giving your correct details. If it is your case that this leaflet was issued without your authorisation, and you want this clarified in the Sunday Times next week, I suggest you write to us saying that, rather than allowing a campaign to run on the internet.

I would also like to make it clear that this leaflet was handled by our Dublin office, and not by Liam Clarke. His name was on our story dealing with this last Sunday only because he contributed other elements to that story - something you could have checked with us before you posted inaccurate information about Liam on the web.







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