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How Many Grannies?

Unionist Revisionist and political journalist Dr John Coulter outlines a controversial series of measures which must be implemented to deal with hoods and thugs in the community who see themselves as 'untouchable'

Dr John Coulter • 5 June 2006

Sod your Anti Social Behaviour Orders, and stuff your restorative justice – its about time our 108 MLAs demonstrated some true grit, formed an Executive and passed really hard-hitting Assembly laws which will make parents pay through their pockets for the disruptive actions of their guttersnipe, ill-bred brats.

The Blair Government, for all its patriotic drum beating over Iraq and Afghanistan, clearly lacks the courage to take on the hoods, thugs and bullies who have turned many streets and estates in Britain and the North into virtual no-go areas or human prisons for the law-abiding, tax-paying, respectable people in our society.

And top of the hypocritical Pharisee list is the DUP. For 35 years since its formation in 1971, the Paisleyite party has mouthed off about being the champion of law and order and wanting a devolved Stormont back so draconian security policies can be introduced.

Then what do the Paisleyites do when they become the lead voice for unionism? Form a legislative government and give the cops real powers to clean up the criminals?

Not a chance! It seems the great bravehearts of the DUP are really chicken littles when it comes to taking positive decisions which would protect the Northern community.

And you Shinners needn't put on your pious hats. When will you get off your backsides and do the decent thing and join the Policing Board?

How many more grannies have to be mugged? How many more retired pensioners will be robbed? How many more kids will commit suicide because of playground thugs? How many more 12-year-old brats will fire BB guns at people's homes because their parents are too lazy to check up on their siblings?

We can talk about hanging convicted child killers and medically neutering convicted sex offenders until the cows come home, but the changes won't realistically happen at the top end of the law – we must start at the bottom, in the homes with the parents.

Too many parents see their kids as golden children, not the tormenting brats who pitch apples at the roof of a pensioner with a heart condition.

When the psychopathic UVF killer Lennie Murphy – the leader of the notorious Shankill Butchers gang who tortured and mutilated many of their victims - was himself shot dead by the Provos in November 1982, his mother, Joyce, said of him: “My Lenny would not have hurt a fly.”

Okay, so the majority of teenage joyriders, vandals and playground bullies will not become the North's next Lennie Murphy, but their parents must start paying literally for their kids' destructive phases. If the brats do the crime, the parents pay the fine.

But some parents are as big a liars as their brats – with the mothers the real offenders. If you complain about their child's bullying, these super-bitches will probably tell you to 'eff off'.

The real shock is the behaviour of some of the so-called 'good living' mummies nowadays. They will quite happily lie through their teeth rather than admit their little darlings are intimidating elderly residents.

The churches also face a moral dilemma. They have a spiritual duty to reach out to hoods of all ages in a bid to show them the Biblical Christian way of life.

But they must avoid the pitfall of becoming so caught up in their crusade to convert such thugs that they unwittingly ignore the spiritual needs of the existing good families in their own flocks.

And Young Offenders Centres should be more like the nightmare world of the old fashioned borstals as portrayed in the gruesome flick, Scum.

Modern prisons are more like holiday camps with too much cash wasted on facilities for inmates and fruitless rehabilitation schemes. You are in jail to pay for your crimes – not get fit in state-of-the-art gyms at the taxpayers' expense.

If these jailbirds want to stay fit, then put them to work on Yank-style chain gangs mending the North's pot-holed roads.

And what's really amazing and amusing is how liberal, do-gooders magically convert into raging fascists demanding action from the heavy hand of the police when its their kids who are being bullied, or their homes that are being peppered with BB pellets.

There is a perception the law is heavily weighted on the side of the thugs. If you try to physically defend yourself, family, or property from these vermin, you will be the one most likely to suffer in court.

The modern day hoods may break the law – but they certainly know their own rights under the law.

A fully operational Assembly could help right this injustice by passing legislation giving judges more power to hand out tougher sentences, especially to morons who think its fun to attack emergency ambulances and fire engines.

But what is more worrying is that if the Assembly does not work, and policing budgets are cut even more under British Irish joint authority – how long will it be before upright, educated, middle class families adopt the battle cry – Up The Vigilantes!



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6 June 2006

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