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Broad Church for Unionism

Unionist commentator Dr John Coulter puts the case for Rev Ian Paisley converting the DUP into a 'broad church for Unionism'


Dr John Coulter • 12 March 2007

Free Presbyterian Moderator Ian Paisley Senior needs to return Northern Protestantism to the days of former Premier Terence O'Neill and start the formal process to create a single group, simply called The Unionist Party.

Paisley also needs to follow the advice given by a former rival Ulster Unionist boss, wee Jimmy Molyneaux, and convert the DUP into a “broad church for Unionism”.

For the past generation, Paisley has been branded a vote splitter and party wrecker within the Unionist family.

With the UUP sliding into electoral meltdown, now is the time for common sense between Paisley and under-fire Ulster Unionist boss Reg Empey.

Rather than gloating over the tragic electoral demise of the UUP, Paisley must make his DUP a warm house for traditional Ulster Unionists.

The collapse in UUP fortunes has ruled out the formation of a United Unionist Coalition. There's just not enough UUP MLAs to make the venture worthwhile politically. Bob McCartney's dissident UK Unionists are now electoral history.

The UUP has a stark choice – merge with the Paisley camp, or end up being defunct within a few years.

At almost aged 82, as Paisley enters the twilight years, he can make amends for all the cries of Judas and traitor he has heaped on rival Unionist bosses from O'Neill onwards.

His legacy to the Unionist community is to leave them with a single, united party. For Unionism, turning the clock back to the mid 1960s would become a future electoral blessing. Its simple sums for Unionism – one party, one seat, one candidate.

Besides, Paisley may need the support of the so-called Rump – what's left of the UUP Assembly team who are all pro-deal – to push ahead with setting up the power-sharing Executive with Sinn Fein.

Today, under the political dance routine carved out by the Scottish Agreement, the Paisley camp and the Shinners have to provide their nominations for First and Deputy First Minister.

SF is certainly a united party having effectively silenced the dissidents in the polls. But the DUP contains a fairly significant sprinkling of anti-deal MLAs loyal to North Belfast MP Nigel Dodds and MEP Jim Allister.

Gone are the days when the DUP's ruling executive merely rubber stamped the decrees of Big Ian. Its very clear from the DUP's manifesto that Dodds and Allister are the king pins of the Paisley camp.

That being the case, Big Ian may need to come cap in hand to the UUP Rump to ensure the power-sharing Executive is up and running by the 26 March deadline.

Or should it be the case a UUP Rump, eventually led by Lagan Valley's Basil McCrea, comes rather tattered cap in hand to the DUP looking for a new political home – especially now the supposedly written off Alliance seems to have regained the Northern centre ground.

And talking of mergers, surely Mark Durkan's SDLP must now get the message that if moderate nationalism is to have any realistic voice in a Northern Assembly, it must develop its all-island identity by formally teaming up with Bertie Ahern's Fianna Fail.

Gerry and the Shinners must be really getting up auld Bertie's nose with their all-island power taunts.

Indeed, given the slide in the SDLP vote, FF needs to come north and save Durkan's ass, otherwise the party founded by the late Fitt the Brit will have as much influence in the Assembly as the old opposition Nationalist Party in the original Stormont parliament – and the NP is now defunct, too.

Now that the DUP has firmly swallowed up the UUP, its time for Big Ian to truly follow the words of Jesus when our Lord said: “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”

Its not the bitter medicine of sharing power with Shinners the DUP needs to swallow; its a large dose of common sense Biblical meekness – and then the Paisleyites will inherit devolved power which the Northern people so disparately crave for.























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14 March 2007

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