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An Open Letter to Gerry Adams and the IRA's Chief of Staff of the Army Council

In the wake of the death of self-confessed British agent Denis Donaldson, the former top Sinn Fein official, Unionist Revisionist Dr John Coulter sends an open letter to Gerry Adams, President of Sinn Fein, as well as the Chief of Staff of the Provos' Army Council

Dr John Coulter • 5 April 2006

Dear Gerry and P O'Neill (acting for the CoS, PIRA)

You will have no doubt heard about the change of heart in Fianna Fail as it views its support slipping badly on the polls in the run-up to the expected Southern Dail elections in less than 14 months.

With you Shinners expected to increase your tally of TDs to between a dozen to 15, its clear Bertie's Boys are taking you lot more seriously as potential coalition partners rather than the rapidly ailing Progressive Democrats.

But you're going to have to make some radical changes to the republican movement if Sinn Fein is to be viewed credibly as a true democratic political party, rather than the Irish version of Hamas playing at politics.

For a start you need to use this Easter's 90th anniversary Rising commemorations to formally announce the Provos have been disbanded, and like many English regiments phased out - transform the IRA into an old comrades' group know as the Irish Republican Association.

Each IRA volunteer who signs up to the Association will give a written pledge never to adopt an illegal armed struggle again. You say the Provos didn't kill Denis Donaldson. Given the lack of trust in unionist ranks over your statements, when you discover the true identity of his killers - make the information public.

The Southern constitution cannot allow for two armies - it recognises only one; the Irish Defence Forces. How can republican TDs swear allegiance to the Irish Republic and agree to support the forces of law and order in the state when you have pledged an oath to a secret terrorist army?

You are either a democrat or a revolutionary in modern Ireland - not both. And if you're to be a full partner in both Northern and Southern governments, the name of Sinn Fein - Ourselves Alone - will have to be changed.

Face reality, you Shinners, the title has served its purpose. Let it rest in peace with founder Arthur Griffiths. How can you be Ourselves Alone when a truly democratic movement demands that you have a moral imperative to work constructively with others?

You can't call yourselves the All Ireland Party because Articles Two and Three of the Republic's constitution claiming rights to the six Northern counties are in history's dustbin.

Instead, launch yourself as the Irish Patriotic Party because Sinn Fein drips with the blood of the republican movement's bombs and bullets.

And there's two significant steps republicans can take in the North. If you genuinely believe in effective policing, for the sake of your communities, take your places on the Policing Board.

But more importantly, formally take you seats at Westminster. Follow the example of the Scottish and Welsh nationalists, and anti-monarchists or republicans within the British Labour movement.

They have taken oaths of allegiance without compromising their essential principles. So why should Sinn Fein MPs stick out like sore thumbs?

The big step you will have to take is to finally purge yourselves of your criminal element, otherwise the Provos will become nothing more than the INLA - a front for robbery and drug dealing.

And if you want to become coalition partners in the South, you're going to have to ensure as many of your candidates as possible have not been convicted of crime.

Can you seriously see the decent people of the South voting for a movement responsible for the horrific killing of Garda Gerry McCabe?

And you can have a major role in the peace process by persuading dissident republicans from the Continuity and Real IRAs to disband and decommission.

Significantly, too, make sure you educate existing republicans that armed struggle is no longer an option and persuade them never to re-introduce the republican gun into Irish politics.

As for the INLA - how about telling it to disband as well. There is a role for republican socialism in the new Ireland, but not as a nutcase party of the Loonie Left.

Your big challenge is that with so many unionists squabbling with each other in the North, could an Irish Patriotic Party reach out to Protestantism in the same way as the African National Congress achieved with whites in South Africa?

Lots for you republicans to ponder this Easter. I await a constructive response with anticipation.






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