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Urgent Memo — Judas Was One of the Bad Guys!

Unionist Revisionist Dr John Coulter controversially calls for the re-introduction of heresy as a crime and challenges Christian clergy to denounce the recently unveiled so-called Gospel of Judas

Dr John Coulter • 17 April 2006

This is an urgent memo to all Bible-inspired Christian clergy in Ireland.

Dear clerics, you need to radically reclaim the pulpits of this island for Bible truths before heresies and fantasies are mistaken for spiritual realities. If you want a campaign to rally behind, then flex your muscles and urge the re-introduction of heresy as a crime against Christianity, the state religion.

In case you haven't noticed, but the Easter celebrations of Christ's crucifixion and resurrection have been overshadowed by a campaign to justify the existence of the so-called Gospel of Judas - the beliefs of Judas Iscariot, the Satan-gripped traitor who betrayed Jesus to the Romans.

For centuries, Bible-believing Christians have correctly portrayed Judas as the ultimate sell-out. His name has become a by-word for treason, treachery and skulduggery of the lowest kind.

But the emergence in recent weeks of a 1,700-year-old papyrus copy of a document dubbed the Gospel of Judas is giving this arch traitor a whole new spiritual make-over.

In what amounts to heresy by Biblical standards, this teaching in the Gospel of Judas portrays Iscariot as being Christ's favoured disciple.

Judas' betrayal of Jesus was actually a cleverly concocted plot between Christ and Iscariot to ensure the crucifixion took place, elevating the supposed traitor above the other 11 Apostles, according to this new document.

The Gospel of Judas - supposedly written more than 200 years after Christ's resurrection - paints Iscariot as Jesus's confidant, loyal servant and a true and triumphant Christian hero.

So when are you clerics going to wake up and combat this heresy by preaching some Biblical truths from your pulpits and reclaiming your positions of influence and respect among Irish citizens?

Take a leaf out of the radical muslim activities handbook. Look at the global demonstrations against the Danish cartoons. When are Irish Christian clerics going to show their courage by publicly declaring the Gospel of Judas to be downright heresy?

While there are references in the Bible to people being demon-possessed, there is only one person noted who was possessed by Satan himself - and that's Judas.

It clearly states in the New Testament text Luke 22 verses three and four - "Then Satan entered Judas, called Iscariot, one of the Twelve. And Judas went to the chief priests ... and discussed with them how he might betray Jesus."

Wake up, you folks with the dog collars - Judas was one of the bad guys! Are you going to sit and twiddle your thumbs while Bible teachings are undermined yet again?

Unfortunately, the sad reality of the Christian Church on this island is that the pulpit's credibility has become ridiculed because of the outrages caused by convicted paedophile clergy, problems in clerics' marriages and the row over the ordination of gay ministers.

Opponents of the Bible will push this Gospel of Judas to dilute the Christian message and the relevance of Christ Himself to this modern world.

Combating this vile heresy will not come by protesting outside halls where the Gospel of Judas will be discussed. It must come from Christian pulpits the length and breadth of Ireland.

Christianity has just scored a big hit with an English exam board agreeing to put the Biblical version of how the world was created on the curriculum alongside the daft notions pushed by Godless Darwinism.

But all these gains will be lost if people think there is some semblance of truth that Judas was a dead-on bloke who simply had a bad press from puritans and the Spanish Inquisition.

The trouble is in this high-tech world, fiction can become reality. Take the release next month of the blockbuster movie The Da Vinci Code based on Dan Brown's successful novel and starring screen legend Tom Hanks.

Brown openly says his book is a fictional novel, but because it contains real life organisations such as the Priory of Sion and Opus Dei, there is the danger film entertainment will become stunning historical truth in people's minds.

The Code suggests Christ had an affair with Mary Magdalene before He was crucified and fathered a child and that this blood line exists today.

Given the hype surrounding both Brown's novel and director Ron Howard's film, the true Biblical Christian Church will be faced with the hellish situation of answering genuine questions about what is essentially a made-up, but grossly heretical plot, about Jesus having descendants here on earth protected by a secret society.

If Christian clerics are not careful, the Biblical faith will be seen as a farcical set of beliefs just as daft as the clerics portrayed in television sitcoms, such as Dad's Army, the Vicar of Dibley and Father Ted. I await the response from the pulpits with interest.






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