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'Undo the Great Betrayal, Free the Occupied 26'

Political journalist and Revolutionary Unionist Dr John Coulter argues the controversial case for MI5, the PSNI and the SAS to operate officially in the Occupied Twenty-Six Counties in the war against global terrorism.

Dr John Coulter • 6 November 2006

War crimes reparations – that’s the sweetener disgruntled Unionists should use to swallow the supposed £700 million Southern peace boost for the North.

For a generation, republican terrorists used the 26 counties as a springboard for gun and bomb attacks throughout the North, slipping into the Southern comfort zone once their acts of ethnic cleansing had been committed.

So it's about time the South donated bucket loads of dosh to make up for allowing its territory to be used as a launching pad for sectarian genocide.

Let’s hope, too, Unionists don’t resort to their daft notion of ‘Not An Inch’ when it comes to working the cross-border institutions.

For the first time since partition, Unionism now has the opportunity to have an active role in the running of the Occupied Twenty-Six (26) Counties.

If the South is close to completing Bertie’s Bunker in leafy south Belfast to house its Northern operation, then Unionists need to set up Paisley’s Palace within a stone’s throw of Leinster House.

The real Achilles’ Heel of the St Andrews Agreement would be Unionist manipulation of the cross-border bodies which would have the Red Hand of ‘Loyal Ulster’ holding the Dail – and the Celtic Tiger – to ransom by their big green balls.

But Unionists have spent so much of the past 40 years fighting each other, they’ve forgotten who the real enemy is. Already a new brand of dissident Unionists seem prepared to launch the unthinkable – a Paisley Must Go campaign to opposed official pro-deal DUP candidates in any future Stormont elections!

‘Loyal’ Prods love to indulge in the ‘No Surrender’ politics of the Siege of Derry, but conveniently dismiss the Williamite Settlement of the late 17th century giving them total control of all 32 Irish counties.

When are Northern Unionists going to waken up to the historical reality of reclaiming their birthright – real political influence in the South?

What about undoing the Great Betrayal of partition when Unionist icons Edward Carson and James Craig turned their backs on the 14 per cent Southern Protestant Unionist population?

And with British intelligence’s new estimated £20 million super fortress being built at Holywood, surely the time has come to give MI5 an all-Ireland role in the war against international terrorism?

The American State Department has already warned half a dozen militant Islamic groups now have cells in Ireland, including Islamic Jihad, Hamas and al-Qaeda.

The Hallowe’en firebomb blitz is burning proof dissident republicans haven’t gone away.

The genuine danger to the entire peace process would be dissidents murdering a leading DUP MP or MLA. After all, this month marks the 25th anniversary of the murder of South Belfast UUP MP Rev Robert Bradford in November 1981.

And another worry is at what point do dissident republicans form an unholy alliance with Islamic militants to unleash economic havoc and mayhem on both sides of the border?

In practical terms, the SAS, PSNI and MI5 need to be given the cover of legislative powers to operate officially in the North and South. Both governments need to learn the lessons of the Troubles.

How many Provos could have been nabbed if the SAS and RUC had been able to indulge in ‘hot pursuit’ across the border into the South after republican death squads?

Could the Gardai have caught the loyalists behind the Dublin and Monaghan bomb massacres if they’d been able to ‘hot pursuit’ it into the North?

If the Shinners enter a power-sharing Northern Executive with the Paisley camp, how long before we see the Real and Continuity IRAs’ firebomb blitzs become Provo-style murder campaigns?

On their own, republican dissidents don’t stand a chance of orchestrating the Provos’ and INLA’s slaughter of the past generation.

But a militant Islamic/republican dissident coalition could bring tourism in Ireland to a grinding halt and economically castrate the Celtic Tiger.

What’s to stop the dissidents gathering the intelligence and the militants using their suicide bombers to carry out the atrocities?

Its time for Dublin and Stormont to face some harsh realities. The North is part of the United Kingdom which is a major coalition player in the Iraqi/Afghan conflicts.

The South allowed alleged American ‘torture flights’ to land at Shannon airport. The solution - MI5, the American CIA and the Israeli intelligence service, the Mossad, all require bases in Dublin.

9/11 happened because American intelligence warnings went unheeded. Are Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern going to wait until suicide bombers attack Dublin’s O’Connell Street or Belfast’s Royal Avenue before an all-Ireland anti-terror policy is implemented?



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7 November 2006

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