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Bullies Top the List

With the new Stormont power-sharing on course for a May 8 definite start, political commentator Dr John Coulter emphasises that school bullies should be top of the hit list for the new education boss.


Dr John Coulter • 2 April 2007

Bring back borstals for school bullies and put CCTV cameras in classrooms to protect teachers from yob students.

Whoever becomes education minister when the Executive meets on 8 May needs to ensure they don't waste time pussy footing about what will replace the Eleven Plus exam.

The new Northern education supremo needs to make it a priority to look after teachers and pupils who want to work.

Devolution presents the North with a golden opportunity to stamp out the thug culture polluting our classrooms.

With the Northern suicide rate reaching epidemic proportions, how many more decent kids will either kill themselves, or face serious mental problems because schools lack the laws to really go head-to-head with playground bullies and classroom hoods?

And some of the parents of these yobs are just as guilty as the bullying vermin they breed. These ma's and da's will lie through their teeth rather than admit their brats are classroom thugs.

They dismiss their bullying brats' behaviour as “just a wee phase they're going through”, or else “sure, my child wouldn't even hurt a fly!”

If the future Executive does not give schools, courts and the police additional powers to combat school bullies, it is only a matter of time before the North's vigilante culture targets the so-called bullies themselves and the hunters become the hunted.

Ever since the banning of the cane in the late 1980s, bullies have lived in a thugs' paradise – taunting teachers and pupil victims alike with their 'you can't touch me' mentality.

Just try taking a school bully, or even their parents, to court. It only adds more stress and pressure to the victims. The North needs to install a punitive system where bullies and their parents know there is no hiding place.

Some of the bullies' softest targets have been children with either learning difficulties or kids on the autistic spectrum. Any brat found guilty of bullying a mentally or physically disabled youngster or adult should spend a mandatory six months in borstal.

The modern-day Young Offenders' Centres give the perception of being holiday camps. Instead, let's restore the 'gud auld' borstal mentality where time in a YOC is akin to an American-style hard labour prison regime.

And the parents of convicted bullies should be fined a minimum of five grand every time their brats offend. ASBOs are viewed as badges of honour to these bullying scum, and restorative justice schemes laughed off as silly adult jokes.

If the Government can introduce a sex offenders register to keep an eye on convicted perverts, surely the new Executive could introduce a bullying register which schools and employers could consult to see if they are hiring a known classroom thug.

Naturally, the bullies' parents will scream human rights to high heaven. Never mind the hurt and pain bullies have inflicted on their innocent victims – these parents are very good at painting their youthful thugs as 'golden children'.

Unfortunately, police figures show hate crimes are on the increase in the North. But it only takes one or two people to retaliate physically against bullies, or their parents and a dangerous floodgate will be opened.

As a society, we have to face the hard reality the only effective way to protect innocent pupils and teachers is to restore corporal punishment.

Okay, many parents can tell horror stories of how some teachers abused the corporal punishment system in the past to boost their own egos, or go on personal power trips.

But equally, the bitter medicine is that detentions, suspensions, expulsions, sin bins and well-minded anti-bullying teams don't work. Bullying is a fire that can only be fought with fire – and that is the return of the cane with appointed senior staff being given the authority to administer it.

Oh how the civil liberties, human rights and trendy liberals will have a field day combating this move.

Then again, what will these so-called 'do gooders' tell the parents of a child lying on a life support machine because of a bullying attack by classroom yobs? What do they say to the husband of a female teacher who has been raped at school 'for a joke'?

What do they tell the wife of a male teacher who has been bludgeoned with iron bars as he got into his car at school?

Forget the fine words of the so-called anti-bullying initiatives. They are just empty rhetoric. Parents of bullied kids want action. Hopefully, the incoming Executive will have the balls to take that action and confine the scourge of bullying to the classroom dustbin.














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9 April 2007

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