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Remember the B Specials?

Controversial political commentator and Revolutionary Unionist Dr John Coulter maintains nationalist areas of the North need their own version of the B Specials to keep order on policing.


Dr John Coulter • 5 February 2007

Remember the B Specials? Its time to introduce the R Specials into republican districts now the Shinners have embraced policing.

The creation of R Specials, that's R for Republican, would greatly boost the civil role of the PSNI in combating anti-social behaviour, the yob culture, drug dealing and general lawlessness in overwhelmingly nationalist areas of the North.

Republicans have been uttering fine rhetoric since Sinn Fein's recent Super Sunday 80 per cent endorsement of the PSNI , followed up by top Shinners urging Catholics to shop to cops supposedly ordinary decent criminals.

But what Catholic areas need on the ground are Republicans in police uniforms, complete with patrolling Land Rovers and, of course, legal guns.

Mention the B Specials to Republicans, and it brings back nightmares of the almost exclusively Protestant part-time militia knocking seven bells out of Catholics.

But what was the real power of the B Specials? It wasn't their thuggish tactics which put them – in Republican eyes – on a mantel with the notorious Black and Tans of the War of Independence.

Older republicans would claim there was nothing between the boot boy policies of the B Men and the portrayals of Tan brutality dished out to Southern nationalists in blockbuster films, such as Michael Collins, and The Wind That Shakes the Barley.

The secret of the B Men's success was their indepth intelligence gathering on people living in their areas, and geographical knowledge of their localities.

The B Men were locally recruited, locally trained and armed and patrolled their neighbourhoods. If thugs committed crimes on their patch, the B Men knew who to look for and where to find them.

Just look at the lessons from history. How did the Free State Army defeat the anti-Treaty IRA during the Irish Civil War? Simple, the Free Staters controlled their own localities armed with British guns.

When the IRA attacked, they knew where to find de Valera's renegades. Was it any wonder more IRA members were executed by the Free Staters than killed by the Tans?

The R Specials would be a locally recruited Catholic militia, armed and trained by the PSNI and the British Army, whose primary aim was to enforce law and order in nationalist communities.

The axing of the daft 50/50 recruitment rule may not necessarily see a massive influx of Catholics into the PSNI – but the creation of a local Catholic militia would.

Eventually, the R Specials could be used to stamp out any physical threat posed by dissident republicans, such as the Real and Continuity IRAs, just as the Free State Army gradually seized control right across the South from the IRA, forcing the latter to call a truce.

Of course, the flip side of the security coin would also have to be administered – the return of the B Specials as part of the PSNI to keep order in loyalist districts.

While the recent Independent Monitoring Commission report gave the Provos a clean bill of health, the same could not be said for the loyalist terror gangs, who have made little effort if any, to disarm, let alone disband.

With loyalist groups heavily involved in criminality, a revamped B Specials could take the loyalist hoods head on in their own streets and estates.

And with the large influx of migrant workers and expansion in the ethnic communities, the R and B Specials would be in the frontline of crushing the spiralling increase in racially motivated crime.

The key to beating local crime is always the gathering of local intelligence by police units based in their districts.

With the increase in other races in the North, the time may also be approaching to form a dedicated M Specials force – the Migrant Specials – to root out religious extremists and insurgents hell bent on bringing their suicide bombing beliefs to this island.

But the hard medicine which all sides in the religious conflict must face is the ethos of the Specials will not become a policing reality until legislative control is fully devolved to a power-sharing Executive.

Now there would be a carrot the Big Man, Ian Paisley, could sell to his Unionist dissidents in the DUP – the man who not only saved Stormont and the Union, but also brought back the B Men!
























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13 February 2007

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