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UUP Possibilities

Revolutionary Unionist journalist Dr John Coulter examines a potential new role for the Ulster Unionists in the wake of their latest election defeat


Dr John Coulter • 12 March 2007

Reg Empey's election-battered Ulster Unionists are poised to assume the role of intermediaries between Ian Paisley's DUP and Gerry Adams' Sinn Fein, it emerged last night.

And a further clue was uncovered recently that Northern Secretary Peter Hain is prepared to fudge the so-called final deadline of 26 March for either the formation of a power-sharing Executive, or the complete axing of the Stormont Assembly.

In a letter to MLAs, Hain stated he had asked outgoing Assembly Speaker Eileen Bell of Alliance to continue as the “Presiding Officer in the early days of the restoration” of the Assembly.

Although Mrs Bell announced her retirement as both Speaker of the so-called Hain transitional Assembly and North Down MLA, it is understood she has agreed to the Northern Secretary's request.

UUP sources ahead of their election post mortem at Stormont have widely interpreted this move as Hain's willingness to extend the opportunities to form the Executive beyond 26 March.

Both Hain and British Premier Tony Blair had warned the Northern parties that failure to agree an Executive by that date would see London and Dublin move to Plan B.

This is the implementation of joint authority of the North by Westminster and the Dail, radically increasing the say which the Republic has in politically running the North.

Although many of the DUP's 36-strong Assembly team would be considered either Christian fundamentalist or very cool on the St Andrews Agreement, a well-placed DUP source said last night that talk of the party formally splitting over the deal was “utter nonsense”.

Dismissing those who had resigned already from the party as “the Lame Duck Society”, he said that while devolution was definitely on the cards, it may not happen by the end of this month deadline.

“During the campaign on the doorsteps, it was clear this election was driven by the people. They want devolution, but contact between ourselves and Sinn Fein will be through intermediaries at this stage.”

Last night, too, an leading Ulster Unionist source said it was clear there were individuals within the UUP Assembly team who could be viewed as fulfilling this role as 'go-betweens'.

This looks certain to be one of the points for discussion when the UUP holds its initial meetings of the new Assembly team.

The election outcome will dominate the agendas, especially the question – what went wrong? The UUP's MLAs tally has collapsed from 28 seats in 1998 to 18 in less than a decade. The DUP tally has increased from 20 in 1998 to 36 in 2007.

With the election of leading liberal Unionist MLAs Alan McFarland in North Down and Basil McCrea in Lagan Valley, a leadership coup against Empey is likely to be in the pipeline – but not until the March 2008 annual meeting of the ruling Ulster Unionist Council.

The UUP's traditional Right-wing would either look to South Antrim's David Burnside or Strangford's David McNarry as its standardbearer to replace Empey.

It is understood there have already been informal discussions between DUP and UUP members within the past few days about the process of formally merging both parties into a single Unionist Party. These discussions also centred on the role of seat management as well as voter management tactics.



























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14 March 2007

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