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Heads of Bigots Must Roll

Radical Unionist commentator Dr John Coulter questions whether England is now worth having a Union with, and that a Celtic partnership of nations may be the way forward for Northern Ireland.


Dr John Coulter • 20 August 2007

We need a border poll to decide once and for all if the Northern border should be axed.

Scottish nationalist champion Alex Salmond is one step away from getting a referendum on independence from England.

If he succeeds, that's the end of the Union. Once Scotland abandons the English, the Welsh and the North will quickly follow.

But do Southern nationalists really want Northern republicans? Not according to the Shinners' disastrous showing in May's Dail poll.

And if Bertie Ahern's Fianna Fail keeps the Celtic Tiger afloat, that's the Shinners' four TD's and sole Southern MEP down the tubes.

It's not a case of Britain dumping the North. The real issue is whether Irish Protestants need the English.

The time has come for Northern unionists to decide if in 25 years' time, they want to be united with an Islamist England hell bent on chopping the Protestant monarchy.

It'll soon be the 10th anniversary of the alleged assassination – sorry, make that tragic death in a car crash – of the best Queen the United Kingdom never had, Diana Princess of Wales.

If her ex-hubby, Charlie Boy, ever becomes king with his missus Camilla as queen, then the English monarchy should be overthrown within a quarter of a century.

The Anglican Communion – once the great state religious bastion of Britain – is in terminal decline as the Church of England rips itself apart over the global gay bishops row.

Even if Catholics and Protestants join forces for the next census, English Christianity may not be able to outnumber those flocking to the ranks of militant Islam.

Not if, but when radical Islamists become the dominant religious grouping in England, the Christian monarchy will be screwed.

The unthinkable will become a reality – England will be a republic, and the ghost of Oliver Cromwell will laugh once again.

Even before First Minister Salmond unveiled his Scottish National Party's blueprint to take his country out of the Union, the initial steps to isolate England had already been taken.

In September, the recently formed Celtic Nations Autism Partnership will spearhead a major lobbying drive in Washington to launch the Atlantic Autism Alliance.

Seems innocent enough – except when its learned the Partnership comprises autism support groups from the North, the Republic, Scotland and Wales. And no sign of the English anywhere!

If a nationalist flavoured Autism Caucus can bring about better conditions and guarantees for those suffering from autism disorders and their carers without any help from the English, its only a matter of time before other lobby groups cash in on this act.

And what will the Loyal Orders do if Scotland dumps its Act of Union? The next move is to axe the Act of Settlement guaranteeing a Protestant bum on the English throne.

That would be some 12 July loyalty resolution – the Orange Order pledging its allegiance to a Catholic, Islamist or atheist king and queen. Would it not be better to jump ship before this happens?

Northern Protestants need a reality check as well as a sharp history lesson. England is not worth being loyal to.

And when the Orange champion King Billy secured the Protestant Ascendancy in the 1690s, it was an all-island, 32-county structure.

For years, Irish republicans and Southern nationalists bombarded Northern unionists about the occupied six counties.

Surely, the time has come for Northern Protestants to face up to their political destiny and reclaim their heritage of the occupied 26 counties? Stuff England, what about the new 32-county Ulster!

But if the DUP, as the largest party in Unionism, is to lead Northern Ireland into a Celtic nations partnership, then it will need certain guarantees from the GAA in return.

Indeed, if the GAA wants to attract more Protestants, it needs to drop references to dead republican heroes in its titles.

The latest sectarian abuse allegations involving a Protestant Fermanagh player have done nothing to quell perceptions in Northern unionism the GAA is only the Shinners and Provos at play.

But unionism has to return the serve if GAA clubs dedicated to republicans decide to change their names to make them more 'Protestant friendly'.

The Protestant Marching Orders must ensure banners, flags or bannerettes glorifying dead loyalist terrorists are never again paraded during their Orangefests.

If the GAA fails to firmly stamp out allegations of anti-Protestantism, it is only a matter of time the organisation's ruling body is forced to make an example by expelling a club from the association.

And the flip side of the coin is for the Loyal Orders to ban lodges and bands from parading with emblems praising dead terrorists.

The big question remains – who has the bigger bottle to take on their hardliners. Fine words are meaningless. The heads of bigots have to roll.






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24 August 2007

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