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Code Red

Political journalist and Unionist Revisionist Dr John Coulter controversially argues the fictional Da Vinci Code content actually represents the single biggest threat to modern Christianity since the pagan Roman Emperors' bloodlusts against Christians

Dr John Coulter • 22 May 2006

The controversial fictional thriller The Da Vinci Code represents the best chance Christian clerics will have this decade to reaffirm the power of the pulpit in society.

The film should also spur on those Christian Assembly members to do a deal on the Executive and introduce a Northern Ireland Heresy Bill.

This will allow MLAs to directly combat those sections of our community who either vehemently ridicule the Biblical Gospel, or promote blatant heresies such as the notorious Gospel of Judas.

If handled badly, especially by fundamentalism, The Da Vinci Code film, starring Hollywood icon Tom Hanks, poses the single greatest threat to modern Christianity since the pagan Roman Emperors who slaughtered Christians by the thousand.

Unlike film legend Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ, which was one of the best examples of modern global Christian evangelism, Dan Brown's novel and the Da Vinci movie are pieces of fiction which contain real people and organisations, some of which exist today.

There really was Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. There really are Catholic societies Opus Dei and the Priory of Sion.

The central theme of the film is that Christ before he died fathered children with Mary Magdalene and that blood line exists today. Such a fictional story is heresy as, according to the Bible, the only way to get into heaven is by becoming 'born again'.

If the Da Vinci Code was gospel truth, then having a relationship with someone from Christ's bloodline would guarantee your passage through the pearly gates.

Such a theory conjures up the conception of a Master Race of super Christians – and we all know where talk of a Master Race ends up ... six million butchered in the Holocaust.

Indeed, rumours of a direct bloodline to Christ Himself are just as dangerously crazy as the view Ulster Prods are descended from one of the Chosen Tribes of Israel; a set of beliefs dubbed British Israelism.

But the big problem which the Christian Church faces is that Da Vinci Code the movie is so professionally made and acted, people could be tempted to believe the fictional as the accurate truth about Jesus because of the use of real life organisations.

What the Christian Church must not do is organise world wide boycotts of the film. Like The Passion of the Christ, Christian clergy should unite and encourage their flocks to see the film, and then use the pulpits to promote discussion about true Biblical Christianity.

The private lives of many clergy, whether gay or straight, as well as the perverted practices of convicted paedophile priests have also served to seriously undermine the influence of the Christian Church on this island, and in many cases, have made the pulpit a laughing stock.

The Church needs to launch a campaign to find another Holy Grail, which is to restore people's confidence and trust in the clergy once more.

This can be achieved by using the Da Vinci film as a source of evangelical outreach and Christian witness rather than confrontations over people's rights to see the film.

However, the sad reality will be that ultra conservative Catholics and hardline Protestant fundamentalists will simply dismiss the movie as being inspired by the devil and urge their supporters not to see it.

Indeed, many Protestant fundamentalists even consider going to the cinema as a great sin in itself. Surely, too, there are enough 'born again' Christians among the 108 Stormont MLAs to form the Northern version of the American Moral Majority.

Such MLAs have a spiritual duty to ensure a power-sharing Executive is established before the 24 November deadline, using the Assembly to pass tough-talking, Puritan-style laws which will hammer those who indulge in promoting blasphemy and heresies against the Biblical Christian faith.

Evangelical Catholics and Protestants who adhere to the 'born again' doctrine now have a golden opportunity in the coming weeks as thousands across Ireland flock to see this Tom Hanks blockbuster to ensure proper debate takes place on the true meaning of Christ's role on earth.

This film could also be used to condemn the sectarian slogans of For God and Ulster and For Holy Mother Ireland to the religious dustbin.

If the clergy fail to take advantage of the huge debates surrounding the Da Vinci Code, they will have lost a spiritual opportunity which if not seized could see the demise of the Christian faith on this island within a generation.

There have been other films in the past which deal with Christ's love life – a subject matter not discussed in the Bible itself. Christ did talk about love, lust and relationships, but not about his own feelings or sexual orientation.

The Da Vinci Code is not the first movie to deal with the heresy of a relationship between Christ and Mary Magdalene. In the late Eighties, there was a pathetic outcry from the Christian Churches concerning a blasphemous film entitled The Last Temptation of Christ.

It suggested that whilst Christ was dying on the Cross at Calvary, he had a dream in which he escaped the crucifixion to have an affair with Mary. There was an even more controversial film which suggested Christ was gay.

I am bitterly disappointed by the Christian Churches' muted reaction to the equally heretical so-called Gospel of Judas, supposed penned by his supporters about three centuries after his death.

If the clergy lack the spiritual guts to stand up to such heresies, then maybe the time has come for a grassroots rebellion lead by the people in the pews themselves.

Apart from the usual crop of hardline Puritans and ultra conservatives who will voice a token opposition to the Code film's content, this could be the much-needed spark which ignites the Christian Churches sleeping giant – the power of the people in the pews, not the seemingly 'singing dumb' attitude of the clergy in the pulpit.





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