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Revolutionary Unionist pundit Dr John Coulter wants to see the Christian clergy in Ireland take a strong stand for Biblical Truth to re-establish the power of the pulpits.


Dr John Coulter • 1 January 2007

The North needs a Clerical Charter if being a practising Biblical Christian is not to be a legally dangerous faith by the end of the decade.

This month the new Sexual Orientation Bill guaranteeing equal rights for gays and lesbians becomes law in the North in spite of high profile campaigns by fundamentalists to overturn the legislation.

Pink power has delivered a double whammy on Northern fundamentalism in a year, first with the civil partnership act, and then the sex orientation bill.

The Christian Church must face the sad reality that as an influential movement, it has all but lost its political and social power.

Now the gay lobby has backed the Church into a corner, it is only a matter of time before other minority religious and secular groups challenge once-dearly held Christian convictions, morals and practices.

How long before we see a buddhist shrine in every school? When will humanists succeed in having Gospel street preachers banned? When will paganism and witchcraft become a compulsory part of the religious education curriculum?

How long before sects such as the Jehovah's Witnesses become spokespeople for supposed mainstream Christianity? And how long after the tyrant Saddam Hussein is hanged will be see the first Islamist insurgent attack on an Irish Christian church?

The harsh medicine which Christianity must face is the power of the pew has dramatically slipped because there is no longer confidence in the place of the pulpit.

Our Christian clergy have become the butt of jokes by stand-up comedians, telly sit-coms and movies.

Northern Christians have had their faith ridiculed by impersonations of Ian Paisley's booming hell fire preaching; the drunken priests in Father Ted; the brainless clerics in Dad's Army and Vicar of Dibley, as well as the psychotic Opus Dei monk in The Da Vinci Code; the heresy of The Last Temptation of Christ, and the blasphemy of Monty Python's Life of Brian.

If Christians want to see their Biblical values restored once more to pride of place in society, then its no use preaching and condemning the people in the pews – or those not coming into the pews. To stop the rot, we need to start with the pulpits.

The time has come for Irish Christian clergy to get back to Biblical Basics by agreeing a Clerics Charter – and the cost could mean priests, pastors and reverends doing porridge in Maghaberry jail for defying laws which seek to devalue Biblical teaching.

A few days ago, to test grassroots feelings, I slipped into a typical fundamentalist prayer meeting billed as “a war room to seek God”. Normally, this wee village mid-week gathering attracts two dozen hard core supporters.

But that night, the topic was gays and lesbians – and the crowd had swollen to over 100. The fundamentalist preacher spelt out in clear terms just how bad he saw things for Christianity.

“The world is asleep in the dark; the Church is asleep in the light. Let's get praying, then God will visit our community. I believe in the providence of God; that He won't let wicked men rule.

“We want God to intervene in the state of our land. I do not hate the homosexuals and I am not a gay basher. I am a fundamentalist and preacher of the truth.

“I have prayed much for the homosexuals for them to be saved and to save their souls. We must reach out to them in love that they might be won for the Lord.

“The homosexuals always want more and are pushing Christianity into a box. We want men and women to preach the Gospel without fear or favour. Who is to blame for these laws? Not the homosexuals, the Government or the devil. The people to blame are the Church of Jesus Christ for allowing it to happen.

“The homosexuals are spreading themselves in great power. You couldn't see Tony Blair implementing these laws on the muslims. The gays are blooming and wallowing in their wealth, but Christians must have their liberty, too. These people have insulted our God long enough.”

It was two hours of heavy duty material, but what is clear is that many rank and file Christians want their clergy to take a positive stand on social and moral issues.

Ever since the turn of the new millennium, fundamentalists and evangelicals have ranted about the need for a “Holy Ghost Revival” akin to the great spiritual awakening which took place in the Northern counties in 1859.

But the clerics can't expect this to happen in their flocks unless they buck up their acts in the first place.

The village 'war meeting' concluded with traditional hell fire warnings - “God loves the homosexuals, but hates their sin. If God does not judge the United Kingdom for its homosexuality, then God will have to give a written apology to Sodom and Gomorrah!”

Did it ever cross the Irish clerics' minds if they themselves formed a Biblically-based Pan Christian Front, they wouldn't have to rely on God's fire and brimstone? Listen to the pews, ye clerics, your flocks are crying out for leadership in 2007.

















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There is no such thing as a dirty word. Nor is there a word so powerful, that it's going to send the listener to the lake of fire upon hearing it.
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2 January 2007

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