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Glad to See Someone is Not Afraid

J. McKevitt • 9 March 2006

I was delighted to read of your determination to publish the controversial Muslim cartoons on your site. I share your view that the Islamic world, or some of their exremists, are trying to stifle Western liberties such as free speech. Having had many lodgers, language students, I have had a real insight into the Muslim mentality and whilst wanting the opportunities of the West they have is a real disdain for our culture. As far as I can see many Muslims see no reason why they should respect the cultural norms of the West and have no problem pushing a society towards their agenda. I have to say, there is a shocking amount of cultural intolerance amongst Arabic Muslims, many have simply no desire to accept the values they find here or in the u.k.

It is important that we make a stand against their fundamentalism and assert our culture — every other nation in the world, except the English, makes clear the cultural expectations to their immigrant groups. If we don't make a stand for our freedom of speech then I am afraid this will simply signal to such groups that they can make further protestations that they are 'offended' and seek further concessions.

Watching a programme on Utv a few weeks ago, I have to say that I was shocked by Martin McGuiness' cowardly stance on the issue. Is the Ireland he wants one where we are afraid to assert our culture of free speech? I am sure his IRA forebearers wouldn't like an Ireland that kow-towed to others at the expense of our own character.







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