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Malik AbdAllah • 6 April 2006

I am a convert to Islam and have supported Irish Republicanism both here in the USA and when I lived in Europe. I read your recent article about "Islamic" reformers with dismay. By attatching yourself to these people, like Irshad Manjani and Asra Nomani, you are unknowingly becoming the tools for the American neo-cons and far right Zionists here in the USA.

Most of these people care nothing really about reforming Islam, they want to destroy the religion. Their supporters are the ultra rich, ultra right, and their power brokers here in the Metro DC area.

If you have the opportunity to attend one of their speeches you'll see they are populated by the very same people that ochestrated the Iraqi invasions, support for Israel, and the other far right agends that have devastated the world.

As a leftist I can understand your issue with Islam, however, dont let your ideas on this issue allow you to become a tool for Zionists, Israel supports and the far right neo-cons that most, if not all, of these people are involved with.



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