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Human Rights Forum

Thursday, 10th August, 2006
2:30pm - 4:00pm

Balmoral Hotel
Blacks Road


Meeting Announcement • The Framing of Michael McKevitt

THEME: 'The Collusion of MI5, FBI & Gardai in the Framing of Michael McKevitt'

A panel of human rights activists and lawyers will highlight the deliberate framing of Michael McKevitt by MI5, FBI and senior members of the Gardai. Serious questions about the activities of MI5 in Ireland, Senior Garda collusion and a judiciary swayed by political rather than legal argument will be addressed at this forum.


  • Chairperson - Ms. Noelle Ryan
  • Monsignor Raymond Murray
  • Father Desmond Wilson
  • Father Joe Mc Veigh
  • Mark Thompson (Relatives For Justice)
  • Claire Reilly (Relatives For Justice)
  • Kevin Winters Human Rights Lawyer

In addition, members of the Sands and McKevitt families will be present. A booklet compiled by Michael's sister-in-law, Marcella Sands, will be available after the forum.


The Framing of Michael McKevitt

The Blanket has serialised the booklet. Excerpts can be read here:

Foreward to 'The Framing of Michael McKevitt'
Fr Desmond Wilson

Garda Harassment & Eventual Sitch-up
Omagh, David Rupert, MI5 & FBI Collusion
The Framing of Michael McKevitt
Preliminary Hearings
Preliminary Hearings Cont'd.
Rupert's Reward
Rupert's Inconsistencies
Additional Information

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3 August 2006

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