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Seacht mbuicéad caca go dtite ar a gcinn


Michael Gillespie • 12 March 2007

On watching the results of the assembly elections coming in on television I found myself swearing at the box and using foul language as each politician was spoken to. I daren't record in writing the swearing and foul language used because the editor would censor me even though The Blanket stands for freedom of speech. As I live on my own the offensive language was contained within my living room. Instead I have expressed my feelings about the elections and the politicians in the Gaelic swear phrase as given in the heading. Since the bulk of The Blanket readership haven't a word of Gaelic among them I can swear to my heart's content in Gaelic and I won't be understood so there will be no negative feedback to the editor about my swearing.

To put the matter simply I am browned off with six county elections that solve nothing, give nothing new but are a rehash of the same old sectarian blabber-mouth discussions that go by the name of politics in the six counties. In English I say I am browned off with elections and sectarian politics but in Gaelic I could put the matter more strongly by saying, Tá mé dubh dóite de thogháin sheichteacha agus den pholaitíocht sheichteach. However I am not the first person to be burnt black with Irish politics. Yeats is too burnt with Irish politics in The Second Coming, written in January 1919 shortly after the 1918 General Election. Late Sinn Fein hailed this election as a great victory at the time, but Yeats in the poem is burnt black about Ireland following this. He sees clearly the disaster in this election in that the centre is lost and the country is polarised into the extremist camps of Republicanism and Union Jack Unionism. In Ireland history repeats itself and gives nothing new, and nothing is learnt from past disasters. So the polarization of 1918 is again re-enacted in the six counties in the dismal Assembly Elections. All Early Sinn Fein can do is swear about it in Gaelic.

To dig deeper into this, the roots of this disaster go back to the stupid and misguided rebellion of '98. In reaction to that the constitutional centre was torn out of Ireland by the removal of the Irish parliament and replaced by an imposed unwritten and undemocratic 1801 Act of Union in which the constitution in Ireland was skewed to the right. The Crown was hijacked by the Protestant right, and in Ireland was seen as a Protestant Crown for Protestants. This role of the monarch continued into the 20th century in the six counties and remains so to the present.

If the Irish problem is to be solved this anomaly can be corrected in a reformation of the Crown in the National Government of Ireland Act, which will give a written democratic constitution, which is acceptable to all. In this way politics in Ireland can be made rational and of the ideological right, centre and left and would no longer be rooted in paranoid feelings of ancient wrongs and ancient fears. With a written UK constitution in Ireland, which can be interpreted rationally, sectarianism will wither and die, and sectarian Republicanism, Nationalism, and Union Jack Unionism will fall into total abeyance.

It has been said of Gaelic that it is a great language to make love in and to swear in. There is some truth in that. Indeed when it comes to the art of love making Gaelic puts the Kamasutra to shame. It is for that reason that Federalism Unionism Early Sinn Fein champions the revival of Gaelic in Ireland and recommends that Gaelic be again spoken throughout the land. However this recommendation has nothing with Nationalism but has all to do with sex.

As for swearing in Gaelic, with the revival of Gaelic on the island the people should unite and chant to all sectarian politicians, north and south, Republican, Nationalist, and Union Jack Unionist in chorus:

Seacht mbuchaid de chac ar bhur gcinn.

Such a chant would be more effective than telling all sectarian politicians in English to fuck off and take their sectarianism with them.





























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14 March 2007

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