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Federal Unionism—Early Sinn Fein: Article 13 & 14

The Family


An Irish Christian Liberal Democracy within the United Kingdom and the National Government of Ireland Act

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Michael Gillespie • July 2006

Article 13: The Family

The Act should recognise that the family is the basic brick of society and that a stable family life leads to a stable society. The Act should State that it upholds traditional Irish Christian family values.

The Act should expect that an Irish family home will be clean, well kept, comfortable to live in, well managed, disciplined, sober and will have a Spiritual and Moral dimension.

The Act should expect that an Irish family home will have a way of life and standard of living of a high order. The realisation of this expectation depends upon the nature and performance of the Irish economy.

The Act expects that Irish youth will be well behaved, well spoken, be of good education, be either at school, university or in gainful employment, be sober and drug free and live within the Law and have a spiritual and moral dimension to their lives.

The Act should recognise that in intelligence, in intellect, in talent, in imagination, in creativity, in skill, women are psychologically spiritually and morally the equal of men.

The Act should state that where a woman chooses to remain within the home and aspires to the vocation of housewife, such a woman is equal in Status to a woman who aspires to a career outside the home in either the public or private sector.

The individual freedoms of freedom from, freedom to become, and freedom to be, enshrined in the Act are particularly apt for women.

Under freedom from, a woman must be free from abuse, either physical or sexual, from harassment, violence, fear and discrimination.

Under freedom to become, a woman is free to become that which the woman aspires to become according to age ability and aptitude

Under freedom to be, a woman is free to be that which she has aspired to be Lawfully.

Recognising that contraception is an established practise in all Democracies under freedom of mind, behaviour choice and conscience, the Act should permit the purchase and sale of contraceptives and the practise of contraceptive techniques.

When a couple cannot raise a family by natural means the Act permits the use of in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

The Act should forbid pornography, blasphemy and obscenity on Irish territory. The Act however should leave these undefined. Where a performance, theatrical production, book, or image, film, television program, downloading from a computer causes widespread disapproval among the population in the press, media or in the Churches, the Supreme Council of Irish jurists should inspect the material and give judgement on the nature of the material, doing so in a liberal frame of mind. According to the judgement of the Jurists, the Taoiseach is empowered in the Act to ban the offending material

Article 14: Culture

Under freedom to enter Irish territory on lawful business and in lawful manner unhindered, all cultures are free to enter Irish territory. Under freedom of mind, behaviour and expression, all cultures are free to express their cultures in performance, entertainment, book or magazine, film, television programme, in song, in dance, in dress, in display, in customs, in ritual, in religious practise and in speech

The Act should recognise that Irish culture holds a special position in Ireland and should state that Irish culture consists of the Irish and English languages, literature in Irish and English, ballads and song in Irish and English, Irish dance, Irish music Irish mythology, legend, story telling and folklore.

The Act should state that in Ireland the Irish and English language are of equal status.

The Act should recommend the setting up of the Royal Society for the Promotion of Irish culture. The level of funding of the Royal Society being sufficient to meet the aims of the Royal Society and should be set at a sufficient level by the Supreme Council of Irish Jurists

The Act should confer upon the Royal Society, the Crown Irish special right of access to Irish territory in all its aspects to every nook and cranny of the environment and to all buildings on Irish territory.

The Act should State that it is the aim of the Royal Society to promote Irish culture throughout Ireland but not to impose it on anyone who doesn't want it and is underpinned by freedom of choice and to refuse.

The Act should recommend the offices of the Royal Society be opened in Dublin, Galway, Cork and Belfast - the office staff being fluent in English and Irish

The Act encourages the Royal Society to fund research into the learning and teaching of Irish at universities.

The Act should recognise that Ulster Scots is controversial in Ulster as to whether Ulster Scots is a language as a mode of speech peculiar to Ulster.

The Act should recommend that this controversy be settled in a referendum in Ulster

If Ulster Scots is declared in the referendum to be a language, then the Royal Society should promote Ulster Scots in Ulster.

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