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Motive for Murder

Mick Hall • 8 April 2006

First let me say this: like the overwhelming majority of people I have no certain knowledge of how Denis Donaldson met his death, nor who killed him. Having said this, whilst I can understand why some people claim it could have been Irish Republicans, as the PIRA have for them a perfectly valid reason for wishing the man gone, Republicans are far from the only people who would be overjoyed to see the demise of Denis Donaldson and who have an equally valid reason for killing Mr Donaldson, plus a bloody history of putting such work into practice in the recent past.

In his public statement when he was first outed as a tout, Mr Donaldson said he had worked for both MI5 and RUC/PSNI Special Branch. Down the years, the RUC Special Branch has a history of its informers and agents of influence being murdered in situations not dissimilar to Denis Donaldson. Some of them were like Mr Donaldson, prominent within their own communities and the wider political ferment in the north, Jim Craig for example. But a fair few of the SB touts who met their deaths before time, had one thing in common with Denis Donaldson: for one reason or another they had outlived their usefulness to the UK State.

There is little doubt many of these touts were involved in acts of criminal collusion with either serving officers of the RUC/PSNI SB or MI5. Whether or not this collusion with criminals by servants of the British State was officialy sanctioned at a higher level is of some importance. Whilst a tout like Messrs Craig, Donaldson or Scappaticci would not be aware of the fine detail, they would have an overall picture, as in all probability their handlers, in the process of bumming them up, would have dropped the names of important people who appreciated their work etc. (to use FRU handler 'Martin Ingram's terminology). Thus, if by some faint chance in the future a public enquiry into the UK State collusion in criminality in the north of Ireland were established, whether in the UK, Republic of Ireland or elsewhere, or even a Truth and Reconciliation Commission brought into being, the likes of Mr Scappaticci and, if they had not been executed, Mr.'s Craig and Donaldson, would have been vital participants in unravelling this murky period, either to give evidence to any enquiry or to ask for amnesty/whatever from a TRC.

Denis Donaldson was closely involved in the crashing of the Northern Ireland Assembly in what were controversial circumstances; and if things do not change drastically the annulment of Good Friday Agreement may well also be part of his legacy. Thus there must have been many UK State officials, whether civil servants, politicians or law enforcement, once Mr Donaldson had been outed as an agent of influence who quaked in their boots at the very mention of his name. If this State collusion with criminals happened with the authorization of higher authority, then MI5 would be in the frame as they would be called upon to organize the dirty deed. Myself I doubt this, not because they would refuse to stoop to such behavior, but if the orders came from the top of the greasy pole they would have no need to act, as the politicos and senior civil servants could sit on any inquiry almost indefinitely. Although this would still leave them to worry over what Mr Donaldson may tell the foreign media or indeed anyone when he was in his cups.

However in the main I doubt UK State collusion in criminality came about due to pieces of paper containing orders being passed down the chain of command. In all probability it would have happened along the lines of 'rid me of this meddlesome priest'. Thus, those holding the booby prize when the excreta hit's the fan, as always will be the foot-soldiers, the police officers who handled the touts and turncoats at the coal face, that is, the very people who would have the means and contacts to dispose of meddlesome individuals. For most of these SB officers for reasons of self preservation would have kept back from their superiors the means to once again put the bite on the touts they had previously run, if the need arose. All that would be needed would be to remind one of their former turncoats about a past favour done, or criminal act not passed up the line to send a hit-man into the wilds of Donegal.

After all, if he exists, I have no doubt the said police officer would have felt that he had served the UK State well whilst a serving member of the SB; and thus is entitled to enjoy his retirement without having to spend his last days in a prison cell. In any case, by removing this particular pebble from the shoe of powerful people is he not simply serving the State in the manner he has been accustomed to?

Too fanciful? Well, the senior US police officer Steven Caracappa, who established the NYPD unit that dealt with mafia murder investigations, was recently convicted of being on a retainer of the Luchese crime family. He was paid a regular sum for tipping the crime boss off about NYPD investigations into the family and a bonus for any mob executions he either carried out personally or helped organize via criminals he had arrested.

























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