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Getting Away With Murder



Mick Hall • 23 March 2006

"I have asked many times in this House, the House of Commons and on Capitol Hill whether anyone would be surprised if, after publication of the report on Mr Finucane's murder, headlines across the world proclaimed that evidence of collusion had been found. The headline would surprise no one. That is the truth."

So said the Republic of Ireland Taoiseach, Mr Bertie Ahern in the Dáil on March 21st 2006. Did this belief of his, that the murder of a holder of an Irish passport was carried out in collusion with the UK Secret State, make him break off diplomatic relations with the said State? Has he taken this matter to the United Nations, or at the very least demanded an independent inquiry to be conducted by an organization such as Amnesty International? Did he suggest to the European Union that it set up a Committee of Enquiry into the accusation that one of its member states colluded with death squads in the Murder of Irish citizens and passport holders?

After all, in his statement he went on to say, he had no confidence evidence of UK State collusion in criminal acts would emerge, as the British Government still refused to hold a full public inquiry into the 1989 killing of Pat Finucane. He concluded with, "A planned limited investigation by the British authorities, under the Inquiries Act 2005, allows ministers to block evidence from being made public".

Thus Mr Ahern and his government do not believe the Collusion issue will be properly addressed under the system proposed by the current British government.

What Bertie Ahern is in fact saying here is the British State refuses to play ball on any enquiry into Collusion worthy of the name, thus by informing the Oireachtas of this, he as Taoiseach has done all he can; or rather all he is willing to do on this matter. Such a statement displays the impotency of states like the Republic of Ireland when they come up against one of the major players in international affairs.

Whilst we all realize despicable and arrogant treatment is meted out to Third World countries on a regular basis by countries like the USA, Russia and to a lesser extent the EU, we hear very little from the media when a member state of the European Union behaves in a similar manner to a fellow member state. This is what is happening here.

The Republic of Ireland's closest neighbor and its main diplomatic and trading partner has been able with impunity to collude in criminal acts on the island of Ireland and the Government of the ROI feels it is powerless to do anything about it.

Now, these acts of collusion were not some minor infringement of the law such as refusing to pay parking fines the UK diplomats had run up whilst having a day out at the races. What happened here was a section of the British Secret State went about Ireland colluding with loyalist death squads and to a lesser degree individual Irish Republican touts in the murder of the UK State's perceived, real and imagined enemies.

In addition to this they also colluded in, or turned a blind eye to further crimes being committed by the members of these death squads, and indeed if any of these killers were to fall into the clutches of honest police officers, the Secret State did its utmost to ensure they would walk free or receive a lesser sentence.

Imagine if in the past, the security services of Saddam's Iraq, or today, the Islamic Republic of Iran behaved in a similar way towards Irish people and started setting them up to become the victims of death squads much as the British State did in Ireland between 1969-97. United States' bomber planes would soon be refueling at Shannon airport with the Taioseach and his Ministers in all probability cheering them on their way to rain down upon the Iranian people tons of TNT. Yet when the British State is in the dock it seems the Taoiseach is impotent through fear of jeopardizing the relationship with the Republic of Ireland's main trading partner or rocking that increasingly leaky vessel called the Good Friday Agreement.

For Mr Ahern's government, on this issue, the clinking of the cash register comes before justice and common decency. Is it any wonder Politicians are regarded by the general public, along with Publicans and Prostitutes as the three most insincere and two faced professions?

Sadly, Irish history has a habit of repeating itself in one form or another; and if the problem of the British presence in the north east of Ireland is not brought to a satisfactory conclusion for all involved, it is an odds on certainty it will come back to bite future generations.

The matter of British State Collusion with Death Squads and individual killers is not a matter for historians alone. If those who participated in these crimes, whether in the field or in the corridors of power are not brought out into the light of day, then sometime in the future such dastardly deeds may well be given a further outing by the British State machine, with all the horrors and heartache this would again entail.

Mr Ahern's failure to take this issue to the wire and if necessary beyond is not only a betrayal of those who lost their lives to these death squads, but it may well add an unnecessary burden to future generations of Irishmen and women.

























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