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Michéal MháDonnáin • 22 January 2007

The signing of the GFA agreement was an agreement that legitimized sectarianism the assembly was divided on sectarian lines and sectarian attacks increased mutli-fold. Yet the trade union movement did nothing and supported the GFA, much in the same way as it did nothing during the Stormont regime. The labor movement in the north was very much under the control of the Orange Order labor association. The labor movement from the beginning distanced itself from the troubles pretending nothing was going on, choosing in their word to be “non sectarian”, while at the same time refusing to take any meaningful action against sectarianism.

It would now seem that from the political activities that are going on at present we have somehow come full circle. In 1934 the Republican Congress succeeded in uniting the people under socialist ideals. Indeed there were over 500 members from the Shankill area and a contingent went to Bodenstown to commemorate Tone but nationalist republicans attacked them thus making a united working class in the north more difficult to achieve.

But with the GFA/St Andrews Agreement another opportunity has opened its doors for a united working class movement to emerge. The GFA has failed to deliver any prosperity to the working class (Protestant, Catholic or dissenter). Both communities still live in social and economic deprivation while the bosses have prospered mainly at the exploitation of migrant workers from Eastern Europe.

Meanwhile the trade union movement still likes to take what could be called the moral high ground and do nothing other than support the appropriate status quo principle, “in a period of turmoil do nothing till it passes over, but meanwhile continue to claim to be non sectarian” in case we offend, rather than educate. It is time the trade unions started to educate and represent their membership in a more proactive manner. For 30 years the trade unions sat on their hands doing nothing to unite the working class against capitalism and sectarianism choosing to ignore the sectarian nature of working conditions in the north. It was not until the murder of a Catholic postal worker that the workers proved they could unite, when massive demonstrations were held in cities and towns throughout the North in a united show of strength of the working class. Again the leaders of the Trade Union movement failed to respond to this outpouring of unity. Even when the GFA was signed the Trade union movement remained silent at the sectarian principles of the agreement.

Recently there were meetings to unite republicans opposed to the GFA, under the umbrella group of Concerned Republicans. Many of those republicans would be followers of the traditions of Tone and Connolly who both advocated a united working class to achieve an Irish republic. Many Trade Unionists claim to follow the principles of Connolly. To follow in Connolly’s and Tone’s footsteps a socialist congress made up of socialist republicans and labor should be formed to unite the working class that would as its main objective want to improve the working conditions of the working class and to educate workers on the merits of establishing a federal democratic socialist republic of Ireland.






















































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