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The Need for an Anti-Imperialist United Front


Philip Ferguson • 7 February 2007

In a November 23, 2006 article entitled, Not Too Late for a United Front, Mick Hall noted "There is little doubt that former members of the Provisional Republican Movement now make up one of the largest political factions within northern nationalism".

As well as all the people who have left as individuals over the past decade, there is Republican Sinn Fein, the 32-County Sovereignty Movement, the IRSM, Socialist Democracy and independent socialist-republicans such as Bernadette McAliskey and the people grouped around The Blanket and Fourthwrite. Outside Ireland there are also friends of Irish freedom who have been discarded by, or had already seen through, the Adams cabal atop New Sinn Fein.

Indeed, the number of what could be described as genuine anti-imperialists is quite impressive and significant. Mick Hall also rightly noted, however, "their inability to come together to combat their nemesis, even in a small way, has all but left the playing field clear for the opportunistic politics of Gerry Adams' SF."

Indeed, I think it could be argued that the divisions amongst the anti-imperialist opponents of Adams' Surrenderist politics are the biggest single thing that New Sinn Fein has going for it. These divisions can only reinforce moods of demoralisation among the sections of the republican base that disagree with, or at least have serious doubts about, the course of New Sinn Fein.

What is urgently needed is open, comradely discussions among the anti-imperialist forces with the aim of forming some kind of united front. No-one need abandon their particular views and there could be full freedom of action and expression for each group within such a united front.

One of the first challenges of such a united front could be to pose an alternative to the Surrenderistas of New Sinn Fein in the next Stormont elections. I cannot see why it should not be possible to put together an impressive abstentionist argument, political platform and candidates posing a convincing critique of New Sinn Fein on every level - its policies on the national question and on social and economic issues. Although Mick Hall favours taking seats in Stormont, most of the forces which could be united for an anti-imperialist platform should have little trouble agreeing to run on an abstentionist basis.

Within a basic set of points which everyone in the united front could agree upon, each current would be free to raise their own specific analysis.

The way to form such a united front would be for representatives of the anti-imperialist organisations to begin meeting and discussing working towards establishing such a front, agreeing a basic, minimum platform which was consistent with everyone's principles and then organising an open conference with the aim of attracting as many people as possible. The draft platform could be circulated and discussed publicly before the conference and presented for endorsement, along with any additions or amendments which groups or individuals attending the conference wished to put forward.

The conference as a whole could also either select candidates for the Stormont elections or the participating groups could agree to a slate, with each group selecting its own candidates, and additional places on the slate being left open for nominations from the floor at the conference.

Elections in the South are due around mid-2007. Discussions between the components of the anti-imperialist left could also take place about an approach to these elections, although agreement might be much more difficult as some groups have an abstentionist principle in relation to Leinster House and others don't. If agreement could not be reached on the anti-imperialist left regarding a platform for Leinster House, then each group would have to 'do its own thing'. However, that is no reason why collaboration should or could not be fruitfully pursued in relation to the northern elections and at least discussions take place about possibilities for collaboration in the 26 counties and avoiding anti-imperialist groups running against each other's candidates.

If it was not possible to put together a united campaign in the north around the Stormont elections then at least opponents of the New Sinn Fein betrayal should agree to divide up seats and ensure they don't run against each other and split the anti-imperialist vote. Such reckless political sectarianism is in no-one's interests apart from the Brits and their New Sinn Fein collaborators.


Philip Ferguson is Ex-Sinn Fein and a former organiser, Irish Anti-Extradition Committee (now resident in New Zealand)




























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13 February 2007

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