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Peter King - Still Irish America's Champion

Patrick Hurley • 9 May 2006

Throughout his career, Congressman Peter King, at great political risk, stood with the Irish American community, and the nationalist people of Ireland, when politicians in Hyannisport, Washington, Dublin and London were running for cover. Unfortunately, some in our community have quickly forgotten his staunch comradeship and support. This memory challenged minority also seems to suffer from a political, cultural, and economic myopia when it comes to the interests of our homeland, the United States.

It is timely that United Flight 93 is showing in movie theaters. The film is a much needed reminder of the devastating Sept 11 attacks. The perpetrators were greatly facilitated by 40 years of debilitating multiculturalism, a naive political correctness, unenforced immigration laws and our unprotected borders. Irish Americans were heavily represented among the fatalities at the Towers, the Pentagon and on Flight 93 itself. Certainly, the casualty list of the FDNY reads like an Ancient Order of Hibernian's membership roster. About fifty per cent of the firefighters, who perished, were members of the FDNY Emerald society. The enemy visited loss and grief on many Irish American homes that day.

Further plots, disrupted since Sept 11, reveal that the enemy continues to take advantage of our dysfunctional immigration system. Peter King's HR 4437 is necessary anti terrorist legislation, which would be essential in preventing another attack. Aside from the security issues, polls consistently demonstrate that American citizens are increasingly concerned about the adverse effects that uncontrolled, unregulated irrational immigration is having on our nation's culture, economy, academic competitiveness and standard of living. The latest polls indicate that H.R. 4437 enjoys the support of the vast majority of American voters. It is is favored 2 to 1 over the Senate's legislation . Pete King's bill by bringing order and rationality, would recapture, and preserve, our nation's cultural, economic and intellectual integrity.

HR. 4437 is not anti Irish legislation, despite the best efforts of the unrepresentative, though disproportionately vocal, Irish left to paint it so. Resolving the undocumented Irish problem need not be an insurmountable challenge. The out of status Irish came here legally through an immigration control point. They speak English. Being natives of a similar Western democratic, Judeo-Christian culture, they have assimilated readily. Indeed, they are almost indistinguishable from their Irish American cousins. Educated and skilled, they have become productive members of our nation's economy. They are not dependants of our over generous welfare system.

In this era, when Western civilization is under assault from radical Islam, it makes perfect sense for countries like the United States, Ireland, Britain, Australia, and others, to have their common foundation and purpose tangibly manifested in a relatively unrestricted, interactive, residency arrangement. Resolving the Irish immigration problem is not irreconcilable with the objectives of HR 4437.

The 1965 Kennedy Immigration Act perpetrated a grievous act of discrimination when it locked the Irish, British, Italians, Polish, and Germans among others - essentially potential immigrants from the old mother countries - out of our immigration pool. Under the current admissions system, it is almost impossible for somebody from one of these countries to immigrate legally. Whatever legislation arrives on the President's desk - and we are confident that it will contain the essentials of HR 4437 - must contain a provision which will rectify this discrimination. It is only logical and just that there should be room in our immigration pool for our friends and allies, especially for well-educated, English - speaking immigrants, who are perfectly assimilable. In an era of increasing global competition, our immigration policy must also accommodate the best that the rest of the world has to offer.

For countless years, when things were "hot" in the Northern Irish statelet, Pete King stood with us. Now, it is incumbent upon us Irish Americans, naturalized and native born alike, to stand with Pete, in his efforts to secure our homeland, the United States, and to preserve and promote its cultural, economic and intellectual interests.


Patrick Hurley is part of the Queens Co. GOP and was a Co. founder Irish Immigration Reform Movement - 1987






















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11 May 2006

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