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Ray McAreavey • 26 November, 2006

Not a word bandied about too much here in the "Wee North". We tend to think of the Alliance Party as "Liberal" without thinking too much about what it means. It is probably the hardest thing to be.

The misconception is that to be "liberal" anything goes, and nothing could be further from the truth. The Liberal tendency in the North has come from the "Nationalist" side usually. Where the Nationalists have taken control of Councils in the 6 Counties they have, after a period of time, shared power with other parties. I have yet to see where any of these other parties, in the same position, have reciprocated.

When a bully has power over you, or conceived power over you, you will be bullied. That's what bullies do. It's their stock in trade.

Hence the DUP will get, or try to get, Sinn Fein to jump through hoops. They've jumped through a few so far. It's the Liberal tendency in them. They think that if they do what the DUP want, such as supporting the PSNI, that everything will be HunkyDory.

However, the DUP don't do Liberal. They will kick your nuts in, and ask you to like it.

If, however, you kick them back, they will squeal the place down and brand you as a terrorist, and refuse to ever go into Government with anyone who would use force, such as Michael Stone Esq., a graduate of the Academy encouraged by the Big Man all those years ago, the UVF. I'm old enough to remember when thugs like Gusty Spence were held in contempt by working class Protestants.

Meanwhile, instead of pulling the plug on the whole fiasco, Peter Hain lets the whole weary scenario go on.

Meanwhile, as a definite liberal, I'll get on with my life giving Unionists a hard time when I can, and Republicans as well.

If you're a "Liberal", that's what you do.









































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There is no such thing as a dirty word. Nor is there a word so powerful, that it's going to send the listener to the lake of fire upon hearing it.
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