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Roy Johnston • 2 May 2007

John Coulter's (tongue in cheek?) identification of Paisley with Wolfe Tone raises a number of interesting questions. Opposition to 'Plan B' has indeed some parallels with Tone's rallying of the Northern Presbyterians against bad government from England imposed via a corrupt Protestant Ascendancy land-owning government in Dublin. There is now in Dublin a government which is in the pocket of a (mostly by now Catholic) land-owning ascendancy, thanks to the (quite unnecessary) toleration of private ownership of added-value of land due to rezoning. This of course is the main source of political corruption, as currently being exposed by the Tribunals. Plan B would have been bad government by a corrupt London-Dublin cabal. Would this not be simply a repeat of the 18th century scene?

We have an interesting Paisley McGuinness combination, pledged to deliver some sort of improved government, with a modest all-Ireland dimension, and freedom to work politically for an all-Ireland Republic, for those who claim to be in the Tone tradition. Yet most of the latter seem still to be stuck in a Catholic-nationalist mind-set, seeing the future in terms of out-breeding, and Protestant emigration. It seldom seems to occur to them that constructive all-Ireland economic development is an environment in which Protestants could thrive, as suggested by my father Joe Johnston in his 1913 book 'Civil War in Ulster', in which he attacked the processes that led to the Larn gun-running in 1914, and supported all-Ireland Home Rule.

The way forward is for democratic Protestants to abandon Unionism, and develop the Labour and Green movements, in the context of the wider European Union, rather than clinging to the narrow anachronistic English monarchical Union.

Coulter's identification of Paisley with Tone may, perhaps, start some people thinking. Coulter also predicts the emergence of a Protestant fascist Right, seeking to re-assert the 'Croppies lie down' principle, with British hard-line ultra-Tory support, seeking perhaps to re-enact the 1914 Larne gun-running. This time it will, we hope, by its rampant lunacy, alienate the majority of Protestants, and point them in the direction of all-Ireland democratic politics. Any genuine Republicans, who actually understand Wolfe Tone (and what the Wolfe Tone Societies tried to do in the 1960s for political republicanism via the Civil Rights process), should welcome this process.

May I urge people interested in exploring these issues further to consider my book 'Century of Endeavour' published last April by Tyndall/Lilliput, and reviewed in The Blanket.






































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6 May 2007

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