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Prison Protest Held in Newry


Republican Prisoners' Action Group (RPAG) • 4 December 2006

A white-line picket in support of the protesting POWs in Maghaberry was held in Bridge Street in Newry, Co. Down, on Saturday, 2nd December. It was organised by the Republican Prisoners' Action Group (RPAG). A large number of leaflets were distributed, and passing motorists displayed their support. Following the picket a rally took place nearby.

Ruairí White, Newry, chaired the proceedings. He introduced Richard Walsh, Derry - the PRO of the Republican Prisoners' Action Group and a member of the Ard-Chomhairle of Republican Sinn Féin - who was the main speaker on the day.

Mr. Walsh outlined the ongoing protest of the Republican POWs and their five demands. They have been on protest since the 19th June. He added: "Political status was signed away by former Republicans under the terms of the Stormont Agreement in 1998. However, the POWs have made it clear that they will never allow themselves to be criminalised by traitors or anyone else." Referring to the recent decision by the Provos to nominate to a policing partnership in Dublin, he stated that the 26-County police were renowned for their harassment of Republicans. "Furthermore, this is clearly a move in the direction of seeking endorsement for the RUC. They may have changed their name and their emblems, but their primary function is still to serve as the first line of defence for English rule in Ireland. They will continue to imprison Republicans or kill them. Regardless of what the Provos say or do, the only attitude of true Republicans to the British Colonial Police is one of eternal hostility", he continued. Mr. Walsh concluded by saying that everyone had a duty to ensure that the current protest was brought to a successful conclusion, and that the demands of the POWs were conceded.

An Cathaoirleach then introduced the National Spokesman for the RPAG - Mr. Tony McPhillips of County Fermanagh. Mr. McPhillips stated that "one of the most important words to Republicans is 'continuity'". He also called for support of the POWs, and stated that another protest would be held by the RPAG in Shipquay Street, Derry City at 1:30p.m. on Saturday, 16th December. "We will then have held a protest in each of the Six Occupied Counties", he added.












































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12 December 2006

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