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Leadership Needed


Stephen Hughes • 3 March 2007

In response to Antony McIntyre's article regarding the comparisons between the cleanliness of Rathcoole and that of Ballymurphy I must bring to his attention some of the discrepancies of his observations.

Ballymurphy has been struggling with poverty for the last ten years, a community neglected not just by central government but local politicians have been distracted by the need to fight the injustices of local government and the discrimination of resource allocation and employment opportunities.

Ballymurphy is also struggling to secure community capacity and cohesion with very limited support and resources.

Ballymurphy is still one of the most deprived communities in Ulster and does not have a vision for the future.

Many community groups and youth organisations work within socio-economic constraints that are often alienating for those with limited financial circumstances.

Rathcoole is a very different estate and has the full support of Newtownabbey Borough Council with conscientious political opinion and resource allocation, quality political leadership and a vision for the future.

We need leadership and someone locally to take on that role that will provide the community with a uniting voice that represents all the community.
















































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6 March 2007

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