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The biggest mistake they could have made

U$ re-elects George W. Bush to his second term in office

Àine Fox

Tuesday the 2nd November was the date set. Millions within the U$ and the wider globe were prepared for one of the world’s most significant presidential elections. After the 2000 fiasco, which saw George W. Bush’s election coup, rules and regulations were going to be strictly adhered to. That did not stop Baby Bush’s wrinkle in the back of his suit (the wrinkle being a rectangular shaped box that one might mistake for wiring equipment) during the first presidential debate with Democratic candidate John Kerry. Or the fact that Bush’s election campaign was solely based on discrediting John Kerry and reminding Americans everywhere to still be afraid of his friend Osama who happened to incidentally pop up a few days before the election.

The political spectrum within the country (USA) was totally polarised. Those who were voting for Bush obviously liked the guy – those who where voting against him loathe him. The Democratic Party endorsing - how I see it - a weak candidate in John Kerry to take on Bush was most likely their biggest mistake. They indeed will have four more years to get together and figure out where they went wrong. Let's hope by that time they will have found a suitable candidate with broader appeal than that of Al Gore or John Kerry.

So, prepared as many, I awaited the much-publicised showdown; waiting almost with my breath held as immediately Bush climbed above Kerry in the Electoral College votes. State by state they called for either Republican or Democrat. Media reports showed us the lines of thousands of Americans queuing for their turn to vote. As the night progressed more and more states were too close to call for either Bush or Kerry. So, again, the waiting game.

As the pundits had stated, it all came down to one state – and not Florida this time – those 27 Electoral College votes went straight to Mr Bush. Instead it was Ohio and their 20 votes that would count the most. Hours and hours went by. No one wanted to call Ohio for Bush and repeat the whole circus show of 2000. Finally some of the US networks called Ohio for Bush – he had won.

Despite vice presidential candidate Edwards telling thousands gathered in democratic land of Boston that they could wait one more night for victory until all votes were counted. The White House had other ideas. While counting continued they declared victory.

As reports filled the television screen, I held my head in my hands and cursed the section of the population that voted Bush back into power. I thought, how could these people not take into regard all he and his administration have done in the last four years: the only president to have a decrease in employment; a president who had taken the country to war on several occasions and one who established the current “War on Terror” as a direct result of the attacks on New York and Washington; the same President who took an economy into surplus and created the largest ever deficit of several trillion dollars, estimated to be rising by a billion a day; the same President who implemented the Patriot Act denying American citizens and others of their basic civil and human rights.

As I belong in the loathing of Bush section the list of his wrong doings and faults are endless. Not that his opposition was perfect by any means. The idea of a perfect politician is indeed an oxymoron. For a non-American the idea that so much of the population actually endorsed him was incredible. However I should have realised the Evangelical Christian voters would have poured out in their millions to put a stop to a Roman Catholic U$ President. Or maybe having a papist as a president was not their main worry.

In hindsight maybe if the democrats had a broader appeal to the white working and middle classes as well as ethnic groupings their success may have been better achieved. Whatever their failures they now have a hard job in attempting to participate in a government that has not just a Republican President, but also a Republican controlled Senate and House of Representatives and shortly the Bush appointed Supreme Court Judges. This is not going to be an easy four years for the Democratic Party who are most likely still somewhere licking their wounds.

If the system was altered to reflect more of proportional representation idea as in the state of Maine where the electoral college votes are not worked out on a winner takes all strategy as with the other 48 U$ states. If the two party system currently in use could be rectified alongside campaign finance to include alternatives other than Rep. Or Dem.

Whatever the solutions are to these issues, the world has to prepare itself for four more years of Bush and his administration playing world police. I can only sit back and pray to whatever God that will listen that the issues that currently effect North Korea, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, do not lead us closer into a third world war.

“If you are not with us you are against us” - George Bush

For now my feelings are so strong I am defiantly against them.




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2 December 2004

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