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No nonsense, no lies, no rewards
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Aine Gribbon, Irish Republican

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Aine Gribbon Election Manifesto (Antrim Town Council)

Cherishing all of the children of the nation equally and oblivious of the differences carefully fostered by an alien government, which have divided a minority from the majority in the past. Proclamation of Ireland 1916.

A Creditable Choice
Aine Gribbon is a 39 year old mother of nine children who has proven to be a most worthy first choice candidate in the Town Ward where on three previous occasions her first preference votes out polled many of those finally elected.

No nonsense, no lies, no reward
Her first choice appeal to the electorate is clearly attributable to her long standing and ongoing, progressive record of no nonsense, no lies, no reward and her direct community service and representation as a committee member of the Rathenraw Community Association and as a member of the Board of Governors at the Rathenraw Integrated Primary School.

Real Politics - A Community Spirit - Say no to self serving representatives!
As an Irish Republican, Aine Gribbon remains firmly rooted in community based politics in Antrim Town and she believes "People power" ought to be encouraged and endorsed by all elected representatives but it is not. All community motivated projects has enhanced the quality of life in her community, raised community esteem and further strengthened a community spirit. Sadly, any community empowered is regarded as a threat and a goal that rests at the most extreme polar opposite by those failed Party Political representatives, who pass through the council Chambers. They are failed politicians who continuously deliver closure of youth / children facilities, community facilities and schools.

Young People - Change the old council
Introducing ID cards and a long standing institutional hostility towards young people is still prevalent in Antrim Town. Fixing police CCTV cameras to focus on nationalists' homes and Catholic schools with the added measure of cutting down beautiful trees in nationalist areas because unionists demand it, isn't change - it is dominance of old by the old. This dominance will remain because there is no change and there is no challenge within the local council. The average age of Antrim councillors is about 60. All 19 elected representatives are male and this has been the status quo for a long time in the Antrim Borough Council. You can add your voice to the new challenge to the past and old ways by including Aine Gribbon in your voting selection. Vote for a challenger who is in touch with the people - daily.

Vote Aine Gribbon - The Peoples' Choice

Exclusively Male Antrim Council - Unionist / Nationalist Bus Shelters
On many matters and affairs within the Council Chambers where it would be obvious to any right thinking member of the electorate that the simple solution is best. Many of us will be disgusted at what masquerades as leadership. Most if not all matters proceed in series of egotism and inadequacy, sometimes called protocol. This procedure is followed by further complacency, incompetence and more often, indecisive squalors on matters such as the cost of insurance liability or a minor roof repair, with little if any weight placed on the needs of the community. Other factors discussed might include the location of a community centre, bus shelter or a litter bin surrounding council maintenance and community provision. That can be rejected if the locating of a litter bin is regarded too nationalist or too Unionist. Such petty sectarian factors dominate discussion after discussion before community needs are referred to a behind closed doors "In confidence" committee. After intense council business everyone goes home and forgets what was discussed until the community centre closes down or the bus shelter is no longer needed and the school has closed.

Is Current Council Protocol failing EU peace money?
It comes as no surprise to the electorate, where play parks are built, not only for but by the community itself. That, any issue of mandatory Council funding remains unsupportive at worse and begrudging at best. Another recent people power and Rathenraw cross community initiative endeavouring to bring much needed employment into Antrim Town has already secured about one million pounds worth of funding. But the employment project currently sits in limbo because of a questionable council decision concerning the allocation of EU money that has denied what most would understand as mandatory funding of 75,000 pounds. Instead the council opted to fund premises for the Ulster Scots Society.

Your Town - Your Community - Your Money
I am determined to demystify the language of bureaucracy and to further remove and expose the double speak wall, that all elected representatives hide behind. A wall that I will replace with plain speaking, open and public consultation, freedom of the press, freedom of expression, freedom of information and serve as an accessible councilor living locally who is totally committed to the Antrim community.

British Double Taxation of Irish Water - say No!

As part of a Community delegation Aine Gribbon organized and arranged the first and only Antrim public meeting held in Rathenraw concerning British imposed double taxation on Irish water. All local representatives were invited - none attended. I am urging the electorate to say No to any new Water Charges, No to Metering and No to Privatisation.

Fair and accurate reporting and representation in Antrim
The reluctance of local leaders and members of the local media to leave their offices is at best telephone reporting and telephone representation based on third party interpretation, slant and spin. This "representation" is unacceptable. Members of the local press must impartially and fully investigate matters of public interest and must be held to account when they don't. While many candidates will promise to challenge smear and negative only reporting on entire communities by the local Antrim Town media in the run up to this election. None will place this pledge on their manifesto - I have.

Saying the unsaid, hearing the unheard, serving the disenfranchised
Vote Aine Gribbon


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All censorships exist to prevent any one from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently the first condition of progress is the removal of censorships.
- George Bernard Shaw

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