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An Agenda Less Hidden

Davy Carlin • 17.08.02

The still on going concentrated and organized attacks by the UDA on the nationalist communities raises a number of important issues. Firstly though it needs to be said that all those attacks on Catholic and Protestant homes and communities needs both to be challenged and condemned. My reasoning for referring to the UDA though is that increasingly many people see a concentrated escalation of their violence without much actually being done about it.

It is common knowledge that the UDA hold agents and informers within their ranks who have and can influence direction of that organization in whatever ways deemed appropriate at the time. From the earliest years of the recent conflict, from Ulsterisation through the hunger strikes to the present day the UDA violence could seemingly be turned on and off or directed in a particular direction, which ran in tandem with the political and tactical interest of their state masters as they constantly changed and developed their strategies with the usage of paramilitary organizations.

Looking objectively with this development many did and have drawn their own conclusions. Increasingly though some within the Protestant tradition both within community and workforce who previous focused on the authorities reasonings are asking: 'why is the British Government allowing this to continue? How is this terror, intimidation and murder from a largely infiltrated organization going on at times undetected or more importantly unchallenged, and why?' These questions are increasingly being raised against the backdrop of unrelenting attacks on interface areas directed largely against the nationalist community but affecting both traditions.

The agenda behind the continual development of these attacks is causing havoc on ordinary people's lives with such organizations serving largely as pawns and puppets directed by their state agencies who care nothing about them (apart from their useage) or the communities they come from. While they are used for a particular interest, the communities in which they live continue on a daily basis of merely existence. In doing so their thoughts are developed toward sectarianism, always focused on the other side, their actions 'directed' at the other tradition, while through the division and those actions their own community suffers. All this while those who direct them watch on with the inactions against the growing violence, as is historically repetitive, so speaking volumes as to the present agenda.

So the continual violence goes on unchallenged, the tensions continue the social-economic deprivation increases, the mindsets harden, the sectarianism concretizes all while many look on. As many of the unionist leaders jet off on their holidays or drive back to the cocoon of suburbia it is their traditions' children also who are again - despite the differing leaderships talk of peace - seeing yet another generation growing up watching the hate on their friends and families faces. It is they who now as before are becoming sucked into the hateful vacuum of sectarianism with undoubtedly many again joining such organizations

So then the continuance of the conflict mindset will continue for those kids, nurtured by the paramilitaries, directed by their masters, with the rhetoric of condemnation voiced by the main unionists leaders. As before the agenda for some is fixed, may it be the rhetorical condemnation without an active principled stand or the continuance of 'direction' of organized hate and sectarianism for a vastly unwanted political agenda.

It is the same areas and peoples who have felt the force of the troubles again feeling the brunt. It is becoming increasingly obvious to various groups, organizations and individuals from both traditions that this recent onslaught is a manufactured and directed agenda with ordinary people's homes and lives being destroyed. While the unionists leaderships should acknowledge the reality on the ground the British Government needs to acknowledge and reel in their agencies including their paramilitary playthings, who use division, destruction and death for a rallying call of loyalty.

Many other political and economic changes are also needed to attempt to bring stability. Yet against the backdrop of organized violence, the miserable socio economic conditions and with the hands-off approach by the British Government in tandem with the hands-on approach of their state security agencies it is no wonder that increasingly more people from both traditions are seeing their lives and communities being played out only as pawns on life's 'state chessboard' of destruction, collusion, terror, intimidation, division and murder.

Many questions can and are being asked about this developing situation and the political reasoning behind it. It does not take a detailed study of history to come to an understanding, and so with the continual Unionists rhetorical condemnation, the British government's inactions against the ongoing organised and directed violence of the UDA and the state agencies interests within in, makes it all this time round for many more, 'an agenda less hidden'.






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25 August 2002


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