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Aldergrove Solidarity

Davy Carlin • 28/6/2002

The Aldergrove airport strikers are to attempt to blockade the International
Airport on the 6th July and call for solidarity. These workers were sacked
for standing up against low pay and for fair terms and conditions. Recently
support has been gathered for them by trade union activists in Belfast
amongst various trade unions and union branches. This is now happening
elsewhere despite an initial lack of support from their own union leadership.
Delegations now may also be coming from Glasgow, Liverpool and the South of
Ireland to show solidarity.

A few days ago pressure not previously forthcoming was put on those union
officials to support the workers. This occured at the recent ATGWU conference where a delegationn met Bill Morris. The workers concerned are now to get full strike pay, backdated. The union and its resources are to come behind them and they are to support the pickets on the 6th July.

The strikers, isolated only a few weeks ago, have now moved the ATGWU leadership to support them because of their determination. Whether or not the ATGWU leadership puts that vocal support into actions, the strikers nevertheless
are on the offensive. Workers who know of the brunt of low pay and the lack
of decent conditions, along with trade unionists and wider society, should
show both support and understanding for the reasoning and action by the
airport workers.



Solidarity to the Airport Strikers.






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